OGA Dota PIT Minor predictions: Every team's chances rated

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Another month, and another Dota 2 Major is on the horizon, which is generally great for fans of the game.

Sure, you can talk about oversaturation, and the devaluation of the Major titles due to the way The International sits in the Dota calendar, gently placed like a bowling ball sat in the centre of an eton mess, distorting everything around it, but the fans around the world are just happy to have lots of good Dota 2 to enjoy.

AMD Sapphire Dota Pit Minor 2019 schedule, results, live streams

Before that, though, we have to find out who is going to be making up the numbers from the Minor, with the OGA (One Game Agency) Dota PIT Minor 2019 from Split, Croatia soon to begin, with the winner getting the final spot in the big show. The show in question is a Mickey Mouse affair, as Dota 2 will appear at the Disneyland Paris Major under the stewardship of the Mars Dota 2 League.


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We’ve got a few returning names to this level, as there are some relatively big orgs struggling to make the jump from Minor to Major level, so let’s get into who might make it out, who is going to fall at this first hurdle, and who it is too early to judge how they might do in Croatia over the next couple of weeks. This being Dota, there is no way to be sure, of course, but we have a rough idea of who might do what in Split.

Who is going to win?

The contenders at these events are often just the teams with the bigger names, but there is a decent reason for that, and that reason is money. The reality is even an org like Alliance has spending power others at this level can’t match, and the likes of NIP are a level above that right now, so coming into the event they have an inherent advantage in their preparation.

Having said that, Alliance aren’t in the best shape right now, where NIP probably have a much stronger chance of making it to see Donald Duck et al at Disneyland. The other teams we think might be in with a decent shout prior to click off are Royal Never Give Up and EHOME, both of whom hail from China (well, 4/5 for RNG), and both of whom look like they are ready to take some names.

The peloton

We should technically start this talking about Alliance, and the clever math guys in basement of Luckbox Towers all tell me the European mix is a dodgy pick right now. Forward are in this group, but probably could be in the contenders list too with the excellent form we’ve seen from them, and particularly Yawar of late, and it’s hard to properly write off the unpredictable Gambit team due to attend the Minor when you look at some of their results.

Majestic and BOOM ID are the last two teams in attendance, and the likes of NiP will view them as ties that they simply have to win if they want to meet Mickey via MDL. The Peruvian five clearly like underdog status though, as you can tell by the fact their solo mid player has even picked a name that sums up the worst kind of man, perhaps to increase that sensation of him against the world, or maybe just because he likes bad music. He’s called Chris Brown.


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