Heroes are n0thing to sniff at in CSGO

It’s not always that we get to report on a happy story, but today the CSGO community gave us a lovely little vignette to demonstrate just what makes this game so great to everyone, both inside and outside of esports. It also shows just how significant CS is to the esports scene overall, and why it is the best gam…never mind, and gives us a taste of what might be to come one day.

For context, there is a bit of an epidemic sweeping the world of CS right now, with a swathe of players and teams stuck in uncertain circumstances, be that in the short or long-term. For mousesports, there has been a period of relative stability, but with star AWPer oskar around that can all change in a second. In the last day or so, that has come to pass, with the news he would not be joining his team mates in Brazil for ESL One Belo Horizonte, and a sub would have to take his place.


Right now, contracted substitutes are rarer than interesting conversations in a OWL chat, so mousesports were forced to go and pick up a player from the free agent pool, and plumped for n0thing, or Jordan Gilbert as he’s known to his mother. The former Cloud 9 man has been a free agent since his release by the NA org a couple of months ago, and seems enthused at the chance to show what he can still do on the server.

This was to the delight of Robin ‘ropz’ Kool, the Estonian star on the mousesports roster who is able to combine his studies with playing at the very top level. Growing up as a kid in his home country, ropz idolised the American player, and the tweet below shows what it means to him to play with a man that was once his hero, and still evidently means a lot to him.

Lineage and history of CSGO

Few, if any esports on this level can compete with that sort of lineage and history, and the ones that can are games like Smash Bros Melee or Starcraft, that have fallen from the top echelon and are niche games at best. Even the likes of DotA and League will struggle, but with the history or CS Source, 1.6 and GO, there has been enough CS for the heroes to come full circle and play with the kids they inspired.

Ropz himself is also something of a poster boy for those who want to grow esports and prove it can be a great career, as he is combining earning more than any kid his age should with getting an education, something that would not be possible in most traditional sports, however you spin the ‘scholarship’ system. His level is astonishing for his age, and the accepted wisdom is that he has much more to give once he is able to go full time and dedicate himself to his dream.

How it will effect the team is also interesting, and we deliberately didn’t use the word ‘hurt’ there. While oskar is capable of playing as well as any AWPer in the world, he is also not as reliable as the likes of GuardiaN or dev1ce, and his influence on the team atmosphere can be extremely negative at times. In contrast, n0thing is a positive, experienced team-mate who looks certain to inspire at least one of his temporary colleagues in a way very few, if any players could, and might also help the team get out of their tactical funk.

Either way, stories like this are gold for esports, and we’ll see more and more of them as time goes by. We know s1mple had a hero, and that didn’t work out too well when they finally met, but with some luck ropz and n0thing will get on better, and we can see a few days of a young kid getting to enjoy playing with the man who inspired him to become what he is today, which is about as good as it gets for fans of the long-term.

Image credit: ropz


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