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Bouke Vogelaar is an esports fan and keen Counter-Strike bettor. We've asked Boukev, as he is known to his friends in the Luckbox Discord server, to share his CS:GO predictions to, hopefully help you make your own winning selections...


Blast Pro Series Moscow predictions

On the September 13th six teams will fight to win BLAST Pro Series Moscow and try to get their hands on half of the $250,000 priz epool.

AVANGAR were due to play against forZe just six hours before the first match to get in to the tournament but Team Vitality has announced they will not go to the Moscow tournament. This means both forZe and AVANGAR are automatically placed in the main tournament.

These best-of-one format tournamentsa at BLAST Pro Series can lead to surprising results but if I was asked to rank the current teams I would do so as follows:

  1. Na'vi (Zeus is still playing and will retire afterwards)
  2. ENCE (Aleksib replaced by sunny)
  4. NIB (Plopski is playing)
  5. MIBR (kNgV- added recently)
  6. ForZe

In the search for interesting bets in round one and round two, I would gaze my eye upon the following matches:

Bouke's Best Bets for BLAST Pro Moscow:

Avangar to win versus NiP @1.6 - bet now
Na'Vi to win versus ENCE @2.0 - bet now
NIP to win versus Mibr @2.3 - bet now
AVANGAR to win versus ForZe @1.7 - bet now

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StarLadder Berlin Major

Boukev has made his StarLadder Berlin Major predictions for the New Champions Stage, including a 39x combo.

Friday, August 2nd, 2019

ESL One New York Qualifier

All ESL One NY Qualifier live streams here

While most of the CSGO scene is on a break until the start the Berlin Major some teams will try to qualify to the ESL One: New York tournament in September. Let's look if we can find some interesting bet opportunities for the first matches.

First up is Avangar versus BIG . With the addition of AdreN the bookies are favouring Avangar to win this matchup. Avangar is looking in form with decent wins over lower ranked teams. On the other side it has been difficult to rank the quality of BIG. They have not had the best results in recent matches even with the addition of denis but but news just came in that smooya will be joining BIG as Denis replacement. They have also faced far stronger opponents than Avangar in the last 3 months. Due to the 2.3x gains on a BIG bet I will give this one more go.

Bouke's Best Bet: BIG to win @2.37

The next match of Group A is Forze vs Hellraisers. The Russian Forze made very quick work of HellRaisers when they last met for the Chicago Invitational with total rounds of 48 vs 17, and are the obvious favourite. forZe is also rocking an incredible winrate since June but seems ready to take on some more challenging opponents. HellRaisers should not pose a great threat for forZe so my bet is going to the Russian side.

Bouke's Best Bet: forZe to win @1.55

The next day, Danish Optic meets Bulgarian BPro. BPro have not faced strong opponents and while their current line up has a great winrate, they should be extreme underdogs against Optic. Betting on the match winner won't give you a great return so perhaps a bet on less than 26.5 in total rounds for map 1 is suitable.

Bouke's Best Bet: Under 26.5 rounds @1.45

Lastly, it is the Winstrike versus Sprout matchup. Winstrike lost the great player Bloombl4 in May and has only won 9 out of 33 matches (27%) since. Meanwhile Sprout is boasting a 67% winrate in the same period while facing strong opponents in the likes of Tricked, Furia and Vitality. I do expect Sprout to win but I highly doubt it will be a blowout. A bet on over +24.5 rounds for the map will give some good returns.

Bouke's Best Bet: Over 24.5 rounds @1.55

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019

Asia minor - Qualifier for the Berlin Major

All Asia Minor: Berlin 2019 live streams here

We have looked at the EU minor as qualifier for the Berlin Major but now let's move our heads towards the south and east for the Asia Minor. Some teams might be lesser known so let’s see how they got here and what we might expect from the different regions.

Greyhound Gaming vs Energy Esports is a matchup between a solid Greyhound team that had a pretty easy qualifier for this tournament against the Energy from South Africa who managed to surprise the expected favorite team Goliath in their finals of the SA qualifier. It is hard to picture Greyhound Gaming with their international experience lose to Energy in this match. You could bet on Greyhound if you are looking for a safer bet.

Bouke's Best Bet: Greyhound Gaming to win @1.09

The same goes for Tyloo.CS against the colorful band of nationalities from FFAmix, it is hard to see a victory of FFAmix.

Bouke's Best Bet: Tyloo.CS to win @1.12

MVP PK faces Alpha Red and even though MVP PK are clear favorites, Alpha Red is my dark horse pick to be surprisingly good this tournament, with odds of 4.0x I might take a bet.

Bouke's Best Bet: Alpha Red to win @4

The last match is the most spicy one of the four Bo1 matches; Avant Gaming vs 5Power Esports. Avant Gaming had to take out the strong teams in their region consisting of ORDER (2x), Rewound and Ground Zero Gaming in their journey to this qualifier.

5Power Esports did manage to beat Vici in their qualifier but managed to avoid both EHome and Tyloo on their road to second place. I would think they match is a coinflip for the winner but the odds favor a 5Power win so better money might be made in going for the 2.2x win for Avant Gaming.

Bouke's Best Bet: Avant Gaming to win @2.2

Monday, July 15th, 2019

The qualification matches of a Minor or Major are always a nice moment to check up on the skill difference between the "household" teams and the "almost-there" teams. The betting is almost always fascinating, so keep your eye on interesting odds for the Berlin Minor EU.

Both Sprout vs CR4ZY (Valiance) and Team Ancient vs Fnatic give decent 1.4x odds for my winning picks of CR4ZY and Fnatic. If you want to bet on something else as a match victory you could go for less than 24.5 rounds on the favorite of the EU minor mousesports vs NoChance.

Bouke's Best Bet: CR4ZY to beat Sprout @1.4, Fnatic to beat Team Ancient @1.4, under 24.5 rounds in mousesports vs NoChance @1.99.

Tuesday, July 9th, 2019

ESL Cologne has only just finished but the EU closed qualifier for ESL One New York is already happening today. Looking at the last 100 rounds played my ranking would be:

  • 1 @TeamVitality - 1736
  • 2 @G2esports - 1713
  • 3 @gocr4zy - 1673
  • 4 @mousesports - 1666
  • 5 @TRICKED_esport - 1622
  • 6 @BIGCLANgg - 1577
  • 7 @sproutGG - 1545
  • 8 @BLUEJAYS_Sports - 1518

With G2 Esports and Team Vitality on opposite sides of the ladder them meeting in the final of the qualifier is to be expected. Mousesports and BIG might have a very hard time to go up against CR4ZY and Tricked in the first round since they have shown good results against lesser teams. For betting I would focus on a probably easy victory by Vitality and a possible steal by Tricked against BIG as the surprise loser.

Bouke's Best Bet: Vitality to beat Sprout @1.20 / Tricket to beat BIG @2.73

Sunday, July 7th, 2019

With such a great final coming up between Team Liquid and Team Vitality for the ESL Cologne trophy there has to be some betting involved. Will Team Vitality beat the same odds as vs Astralis again? With Vitality's current form, anything above 3.0x seems a good return. But on the other hand with a Bo5 format I am not so sure anymore if Vitality can last. Betting on more than +3.5 or +4.5 maps to be played might be a better choice.

Bouke's Best Bet: Total maps +4.5 @2.55 / Total maps +3.5 @ 1.30

Friday, July 5th, 2019

With the quarter-finals of ESL One Cologne 2019 starting today a difficult bet for CSGO is pending. Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Natus Vincere with both teams having still new additions in boombl4cs and PlopskiCSGO.


In the last four rounds in 2019 they went toe to toe with a 2 to 2 score but Navi had a nine-round winstreak at the last half of 2018. With Na'Vi the 1.3x favorite on Luckbox I would take a good look at the good odds (3.1x) given for an NiP win.

Bouke's Best Bet: NIP to beat Na'Vi @3.3

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