IEM Beijing 2019 schedule, standings and top-class CS:GO

IEM Beijing 2019 will take place in the Beijing University Students' Stadium from November 7th to November 10th. Eight CS:GO teams will compete for a share of $250,000. The winner will directly qualify to the IEM Katowice 2020.

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Group stage schedule

The IEM Beijing 2019 schedule is set and the group stage will be played in two double-elimination format GSL groups of four teams. The top two teams advance to the playoff stage, the two bottom teams are eliminated. All matches will be best-of-three matches.



Day 1, November 7th

Group A opening matches (BO3)
  • 5am CET - Astralis 2-0 Vici Gaming
  • 5am CET - 100 Thieves 2-0 ENCE
Group B opening matches (BO3)
  • 8:50am CET - Team Vitality 2-0 TYLOO
  • 8:50am CET -FaZe Clan 2-0 Evil Geniuses
Group A winners' matches (BO3)
  • 12:40pm CET - Astralis 2-0 100 Thieves
Group A elimination match (BO3)
  • 12:40pm CET - Vici Gaming 1-2 ENCE

Day 2, November 8th

Group B winners' matches (BO3)
  • 5am CET - Vitality 2-1 FaZe Clan
Group B elmination match (BO3)
  • 5am CET - TYLOO 0-2 Evil Geniuses
Group A decider match (BO3)
  • 8:50am CET - 100 Thieves 2-0 ENCE
Group B decider match (BO3)
  • 12:25pm CET - FaZe Clan vs Evil Geniuses

Playoff stage schedule

The IEM Beijing schedule sees the playoff stage played in a single-elimination bracket. Semi-finals will be best-of-three matches and the Grand Final will a best-of-five match.


Day 1, November 9th

Semi-finals (BO3)

  • 7am CET - Astralis vs TBD
  • 10:50am CET - Team Vitality vs 100 Thieves

Day 2, November 10th

Grand Final

  • 8:30am CET - TBD

IEM Beijing - can 100 Thieves steal the show?

CS:GO writer Tim Masters picks out the key storylines to look out for at IEM Beijing 2019

Valve must be pretty happy right now that China isn’t an issue for it, when you consider the entanglement that Blizzard has got into, and the fact China essentially owns League of Legends.

Sadly for folks at Valve, they still haven’t really managed to push CS:GO into that part of the world successfully, but the time has come for another attempt, and this could be the sort of tournament that Chinese viewers need to draw them into the greatest FPS.

IEM Beijing is a top-tier event, and the names that will be gracing the stage are exactly what you need to draw in fans to an esport they might not have fallen in love with yet.

We are going to see not just great CS, but with the addition of new orgs we’ve got to the point where CS:GO is nearly a lifestyle, and it’s time to see if we can convert some of the citizens of Beijing into devotees to the greatest gun game ever made…

100 Thieves' chances

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Before we get into the nitty and the gritty of who might actually win IEM Beijing, let’s clarify what makes this tournament different from basically any other event previously.

The presence of 100 Thieves is not really ‘new’, as fans will know, but this is the first CS:GO team the org has had that isn’t made up of questionable characters, and it shows in the reaction of the former-Renegades players to getting picked up.

The team signed is better than the naysayers would suggest, and the organisation has the reach to increase their profile far beyond what an Astralis or EG could achieve.


When you combine the presence of the Thieves with the fact we’ll see FaZe fresh off a win this could actually be the sort of tournament that converts some Fortnite fans to a game where you don’t have to build your own cover.

Equally, while there has been a lot of criticism from people who compare the 100Thieves team to, let’s say the stack OG are allegedly assembling, but those folk are forgetting this team has proof of concept already, with results under their belt as this five.

When you combine that with the location being something of a leveller to the playing field it looks as though there is at least a chance 100 Thieves win their first event under the new banner, and give the brand and team a massive boost.

A stacked field of CS:GO quality

If not the boys, then who? Well, as we already said, FaZe featuring coldzera and NiKo have now won an event, albeit a Blast Pro event, and there is a chance this is the catalyst for success.

The signs all point to that not being the case of course, with teams not caring about Blast, and the level of play generally having slumped since Astralis got it together for the Major, but if the Danes and others play badly again then the axis of ego could be in for another boost.

It’s really hard to pick a favourite based on form though, mainly as the majority of teams are literally flying out a couple of days before an event with a $250,000 prize pool.


On paper, we’d have Evil Geniuses down as favourites based on their recent form, but we’ve seen how the grind can take a toll on any team and Brehze might find his backpack a bit heavier when you add thousands of air miles to his burden.

With that in mind, a 100 Thieves victory could well be on the cards - there is a lot to suggest they have at least a chance here.

Sadly, the likes of Tyloo and ViCi are going to struggle to give the home fans something to shout about, and the lack of home favourites is a constant barrier to the game really taking off in that part of the world.


On paper this is actually quite stacked, as the Major champions have found their way to China, too, presumably after curing dev1ce of the stomach complaint he previously cited as a reason for not going.

When you consider Team Vitality have also travelled, this is a pretty decent field of eight, and if they are able hit top form we are in for a cracking event that has at least four different potential winners, and stars wherever you look.


Team rosters

100 Thieves

  • AZR
  • jks
  • Gratisfaction
  • Liazz
  • jkaem
  • kassad


  • dev1ce
  • dupreeh
  • Xyp9x
  • gla1ve
  • Magisk
  • zonic

FaZe Clan

  • rain
  • NiKo
  • olofmeister
  • coldzera
  • broky
  • YNk


  • allu
  • sergej
  • Aerial
  • xseveN
  • suNny
  • Twista

Evil Geniuses

  • Brehze
  • CeRq
  • Ethan
  • tarik
  • stanislaw
  • ImAPet

Team Vitality

  • apEX
  • RpK
  • ZywOo
  • ALEX
  • shox


  • somebody
  • BnTeT
  • Summer
  • Attacker
  • Freeman

Vici Gaming

  • zhokiNg
  • aumaN
  • advent
  • kaze
  • JamYoung
  • Moon

IEM Beijing Broadcast talent

Stage Host

  • DXMASTER (Yu Hao)

Desk Host

  • stunna (Tres Saranthus)


  • SPUNJ (Chad Burchill)
  • Pimp (Jacob Winneche)
  • Bleh (Sudhen Wahengbam)


  • HenryG (Henry Greer)
  • Sadokist (Matthew Trivett)
  • moses (Jason O'Toole)
  • Anders (Anders Blume)


  • Frankie (Frankie Ward)

*Pictures Stephanie Lindgren for BLAST Pro Series in Copenhagen / StarLadder / Flickr

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