Worlds 2022: T1 is looking for their fourth trophy

Arguably the best organization in the history of League of Legends, T1 came back in 2022 and aims for first place. With Bengi’s slogan Aim1st, T1 will try to get this young roster around Faker to the grand final against JD Gaming, the LPL champions. A fitting opponent for their story.

T1’s 2022 started incredibly, with a roster that made it to the semi-finals unexpectedly last year. Around Faker, four young players with very little experience except for Keria will try to get to the top, led by their legendary jungler Bengi as a coach now. Let’s see how T1 made it to the Worlds 2022 semi-finals.

T1’s downfall after MSI 2022

In the spring season of 2022, T1 was the most dominating team in the world, destroying the LCK with an 18-0 record that was 20-0 after the playoffs. However, MSI 2022 showed the flaws of the team against international opponents. They managed to find their balance and easily made it to the MSI 2022 finals, but Royal Never Give Up won the final 3-2 to send T1 home without a trophy.

After MSI 2022, T1 entered into a chaotic spree. Their drafts were criticized both in the spring season and in MSI. Oner’s performance dropped significantly, and the team just wasn’t the perfect T1 we saw back in the spring season. While they still made it to the grand finals, Gen.G’s super team who found its form in summer crushed them for the second time this year and took the trophy away from them.

Worlds 2022 has been great for T1

T1 still managed to get to Worlds 2022 thanks to their second place finish, their rivals in the group was NA champions Cloud9, Chinese #3 EDward Gaming and play-in winner Fnatic. Although the first week wasn’t perfect with a loss against FNC, T1 used the small break between the games pretty well, finishing the group first place with 5-1.

There, they would have to face their nemesis Royal Never Give Up in the rematch of MSI 2022. While T1 didn’t look as good as they did before MSI, RNG was also not the strong unstoppable machine we saw back in LPL 2022 Spring Season. However, T1 vs RNG games at international events are always iconic.

T1 started the series with a strong win, a win that showed they prepared well against RNG. The Chinese powerhouse came back in the second game, playing around their mechanically-gifted top laner Breathe to demolish Zeus. However, T1 showed one of the best mental resistence we have ever seen in the history of LoL, they didn’t care if they had Zeus or not, they won the game off of Gumayusi.

With this victory, the gates to the semi-finals were wide open: there was no chance for RNG to come back after such a heartbreaking loss. T1 defeated RNG in the third game to get a 3-0 win, but although the result was such a stomp, the series was still iconic and a good performance from both teams.

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Most important assets of T1 against JDG

While defeating RNG, T1 showed why they are strong in this Worlds, and why it will be different than LCK Summer: the meta allows them to wait for Gumayusi to scale, and he is a very good late game player. The meta where ADCs were strong all game long and the main focus wasn’t a good one for Gumayusi, he wants to scale and deal damage in the later stages.

It is the perfect meta for T1. Let Oner play around Zeus, the unbelievable rookie top laner. Leave the bot lane alone and let Gumayusi and Keria play their lanes and scale. No one tries to gank bot lane anyway. It doesn’t win you anything. JD Gaming will definitely try to counter this style by sending Kanavi to the bot lane, but I doubt if it will work well.

T1’s opponent JD Gaming is a very strong team, both in lanings and in the later stages of the game. That’s where they will depend on the legendary king, Faker. Faker will help his team get the right angles for the team fights, and he will affect the outcome of the series with his calls. Although JDG is the number one favourite at Worlds, T1 can definitely leave with a victory.