Worlds 2022 quarter-finals predictions

Quarter-finals at Worlds 2022 will follow the group stage with eight of the best teams in League of Legends. Four Korean, three Chinese and one European team will fight to get to the Summoners' Cup, the most important trophy in League of Legends esports.

JD Gaming, EDward Gaming, Royal Never Give Up, Gen.G, T1, DWG KIA, DRX and Rogue will fight in the single-elimination bracket that is Worlds 2022 playoffs. The first step is the quarter-finals. Let's take a look at what awaits us this week, and how the teams look before their games.

JDG vs Rogue

Chinese champions JD Gaming had a great start in Worlds 2022 too, although they looked shaky during some games, they could finish first place in their group. JDG failed to play perfectly against EG and G2 at least once, and DWG KIA managed to defeat them once, but they won the tie-breaker to stay on top.

Rogue on the other hand was a wildcard, although we expected a strong performance from them, a 3-0 start wasn't expected. Rogue's performance dropped in the second week, failing to defeat both TES and DRX twice.

Image via Riot Games

Because of how Rogue's performance dropped in the second week, I see this series as a great chance for JD Gaming to polish their game and fix their mistakes. They shouldn't have struggled that much in group stage, although they somehow won in the end. JDG is a clear favourite here, and its a good start for them to build some motivation before the semi-finals.

T1 vs RNG

The rematch of the MSI 2022 finals: T1, after spending the summer season behind Gen.G and being heavily underrated, finally showed their true colors in the group stage. Worlds 2022 has such great teams that finishing first didn't help them, they will face a strong team in a best-of-five.

Royal Never Give Up started the group stage 3-0, but Gen.G managed to outclass them in the second week. Don't forget that RNG's performance was affected by Covid-19. All members of the team was coughing uncontrollably, and they should be fine before the game against T1.

Image via Riot Games

Still, T1 is the favourite against RNG. The MSI finals between the two were close; after the summer season, T1 proved to be stronger than RNG. We will see if they can keep their heat for a best-of-five.

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Gen.G vs DWG KIA

The LCK champions and widely considered as the best League of Legends team in the world, Gen.G is coming to play their first international best-of-five this year, against a Korean team. Their LCK 2022 Summer Season run was amazing, and although their picks in the first week of the group stage was a bit off-meta, they found themselves in the second week.

However, DWG KIA also looked incredibly strong in the group stage, and they were the kryptonite of Gen.G this summer. Gen.G struggled against DK the most, and they were fine with playing against a strong Liiv SANDBOX to dodge DWG KIA in the semi-finals of LCK.

Image via Riot Games

Although Gen.G is still the favourite, if they are to struggle at this Worlds 2022, its probably either JD Gaming or DWG KIA. They have to bring a better gameplay than their group stage performance against DWG KIA for sure.


Worlds 2021 champions EDward Gaming attended Worlds as the third-best Chinese team, and they were eclipsed by T1 in the group stage. However, EDG looked strong enough to take on any of their opponents, both in the LPL playoffs and during the group stage.

Their opponent DRX was a wildcard, but with Zeka's incredible form, DRX managed to finish their group on top of Rogue and Top Esports. We have seen them pop off in best-of-ones, now is the time for them to prove they are strong enough to take on EDG in a best-of-five.

Image via Riot Games

EDward Gaming is the clear favourite here, but if Zeka can keep carrying his team like he did in LCK gauntlet and Worlds 2022 group stage, DRX definitely has a chance. Still, I expect Viper and Scout to take their team to the semi-finals, where they will be challenged by another Korean powerhouse.