Worlds 2022 quarter-finals are over

As we head to the semi-finals at Worlds 2022, let's take a look at the stories from quarter-finals. ShowMaker and DWG KIA's last dance against Gen.G, DRX's unbelievable reverse sweep against EDG, T1's dismantling of RNG and JD Gaming's excellent performance against Rogue were the highlights of the quarter-finals.

After the quarter-finals, four teams made it to the semi-finals: JD Gaming, T1, Gen.G and DRX. However, that information doesn't tell you the whole story, as always. Relive the quarter-finals series with us, and consider your favourites for the semi-finals before they start.

JD Gaming vs Rogue

While we were all excited to see Rogue, as the LEC champions, perform on Worlds stage in a best-of-five series, JD Gaming had no chill. Destroying Rogue in three games and finishing the series fast, JDG said they have to start working for the semi-finals very quick.

JDG will face a strong T1 in the semi-finals, but although their group stage performance wasn't perfect in my opinion, we have seen how strong can 369 be if he is on his best. The LPL champions are still the number one favourite for the Summoners' Cup.

T1 vs Royal Never Give Up

As the MSI 2022 grand final rematch, we expected a lot from this series. Although it ended in three games in favour of T1, these teams still managed to deliver. Both T1 and RNG showed up amazing. When you lose 3-0 but are still praised for your performance, it just shows how great RNG is.

After a classic T1 victory in the first game, Royal Never Give Up decided to focus on Zeus in the second game, completely destroying him and damaging Oner in the process. However, Gumayusi and Keria were ready for this meta. They waited for the right moment and started to affect the game together. Even Zeus managed to become one of the players with the most damage, while he ended up 0-8-10.

Such a loss definitely affected RNG's performance. Although they were able to play well in the third game, it was just apparent that T1 would win the game. The second game showed how strong T1 can be in the current meta, and that they are still a championship candidate.

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Gen.G vs DWG KIA

The sole LCK vs LCK game of the quarter-finals was played between Gen.G and DWG KIA. Before the draw, we knew DWG KIA would make anyone struggle against them, proven by their performance against JD Gaming. We didn't expect this much of a performance, though.

While Gen.G started with 2-0, DWG KIA's performances were still quite well during those games, it just looked like they were experimenting with drafts, giving up Yuumi etc. However, with Canyon and ShowMaker showing incredible performances and the rest joining them in the late game, DK played two great games and tied the series.

Attempting the first reverse sweep of the Worlds, Canyon picked Kayn for the second time in the series. Although Gen.G played very wisely against him, refraining from fighting and getting him points for his transformation, Gen.G couldn't stop Canyon from affecting the game dearly. In the end, Ruler popped off and helped his team advance to the semi-finals, but Gen.G will not be happy with what they showed against DK this series.

DRX vs EDward Gaming

Another "banger" series and the second reverse sweep in the history of Worlds was played between these two teams that were amongst the weakest in the quarter-finals. DRX managed to turn the series against Worlds 2021 champions EDward Gaming and sent them back to China.

EDG started with a win and even got another before they lost control of the series, but it could even have ended earlier than expected. In the second game, Deft was one auto attack away from securing the victory, but the inhibitor respawned just in time to save EDG.

DRX, more precisely, Deft and Zeka didn't let this unfortunate event kill their hopes and dreams. Deft was here to make some noise before retiring, and he did just that. With this duo's immense efforts helped by their teammates, DRX managed to take down the giants and move on to the Worlds 2022 semi-finals. If you still haven't watched it, make sure to do so. It is one of the best in the Worlds history, together with GEN vs DK.