Worlds 2022 playoffs are starting

The group stage of League of Legends’ most important tournament is over, and we are headed to playoffs. Only eight teams are left in the competition: they will participate in a single-elimination bracket, and the last team standing will take the Summoners’ Cup home. Let’s see what happens next.

There were some controversial results in every single one of the groups, but the most unexpected one was probably Top Esports’ elimination. Before we take a look at the playoffs schedule, we will first relive the action in the group stage, and how the eight teams in the playoffs were decided.

The winners of the group stage

In Group A, T1 and EDward Gaming managed to advance to the playoffs after a chaotic first week. Fnatic, EDG and T1 were all tied for the first place with Cloud9’s 0-3 run. However, C9 started the second week with a victory over Fnatic, ruining the Europeans’ night. Fnatic failed to take another victory that day, giving up their place to T1 and EDG.

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T1 managed to defeat EDG in their first match, and repeated it in their second one as well, finishing 5-1. This win secured them the first place, and LPL #3 EDG will follow them to the playoffs as the second place.

In Group B, G2 Esports and Evil Geniuses failed to be a part of the top two competition. JD Gaming and DWG KIA outperformed them; although both played some close games, they were stuck with 1-5 at the bottom of the group. While EG started with 0-3, they defeated G2 in the second week, killing G2’s chances of making it before they are eliminated as well.

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JDG and DK managed to defeat each other at least once and a tie-breaker had to be played between the two at the end of the day. JD Gaming managed to defeat DWG KIA, securing the first place, but DK showed that even against the LPL champions, they can compete on a high level.

Group C started with Rogue’s 3-0 domination, but Top Esports and DRX managed to defeat them in the second week. The problem was how TES lost a game against GAM Esports, the Vietnamese representative, that killed their playoffs chances. Even though the LPL #2 won the rest of their game, it was already over for them.

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Rogue failed to compete on the second day and got crushed by DRX and TES, and eventually, DRX also won the tie-breaker between the two, securing first place.

The final group was a domination from Gen.G and Royal Never Give Up, but the results were definitely affected by the Covid-19 cases in RNG. Although both were able to crush CTBC Flying Oyster and 100 Thieves, RNG failed to play competitively against Gen.G in the second week. They threw the 3-0 advantage from the first week.

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RNG lost the first place to their Korean opponents in the tie-breaker at the end of the day. CTBC Flying Oyster and 100 Thieves both finished their group 1-5 after defeating each other once.

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Playoffs schedule

Check out the schedule below:

October 20, Thursday
JD Gaming (1.06) vs Rogue (7.00) - 23:00 CEST

Rogue started Group C very well, but they are paying for their woeful second week performance by facing JD Gaming in the quarter-finals. The LPL champions shouldn’t have problems going through Rogue to make it to the semi-finals, it would be the upset of the year.

October 21, Friday
T1 (1.45) vs Royal Never Give Up (2.60) - 23:00 CEST

The rematch of the MSI 2022 finals: however, RNG was the LPL champions that time and they weren’t hit by a Covid-19 strike. Although it is hard to determine a winner between two great teams, I would say that T1 has an advantage, considering RNG’s performances in the LPL playoffs.

October 22, Saturday
Gen.G (1.17) vs DWG KIA (4.20)- 23:00 CEST

The fight between the Koreans: at least this time, it isn’t T1 vs GEN. DWG KIA couldn’t keep up with the competition between GEN and T1 this year, but to be honest, they played one of the best performances in the group stage, while both Gen.G and T1 showed weaknesses. This could be the series where Gen.G will struggle the most in Worlds 2022.

October 23, Sunday
DRX (2.35) vs EDward Gaming (1.52) - 23:00 CEST

Worlds 2021 champions didn’t perform well in the LPL and Worlds 2022 group stage, but a lucky draw shows them the way to the grand finale. Although DRX didn’t look bad in group stage, EDG should have the advantage in a best-of-five. Performances of Scout and Viper might decide the winner here.