Worlds 2022: JD Gaming’s road to the semi-finals

The LPL champions JD Gaming have made it to the Worlds 2022 semi-finals and are still one of the favourites. If you wonder why they are widely considered the number one favourite at Worlds 2022 and easily made it to the semi-finals, let’s take a look at their road to here together.

JD Gaming will face T1 as the only LPL representative left in the semi-finals. They will wave the Chinese flag and try to get to the finals of Worlds for the first time in the organization’s history. How did their story start in the LPL and how did they manage to be one of the best teams in the world?

JD Gaming’s domestic success

JD Gaming brought in 369 at the start of the year, changed their iconic bot lane with Hope and Missing and kept the legendary jungle-mid duo Kanavi and Yagao together. With this roster, we expected them to start well, and they finished spring season in fourth place with a brand new roster.

In summer, JD Gaming and Top Esports used the offseason pretty well and the rivalry between them summarized the LPL 2022 Summer Season. In the end, they played two best-of-fives against each other in the playoffs. JDG won both of them 3-2, and emerged as the LPL champions after 2 years.

A good group stage run

Thanks to what I've seen in the past few years, I always consider the LPL champion as the number one Worlds favourite, no matter how strong the LCK champions looks. JDG lived up to my expectations just as EDward Gaming did last year when no one gave them a chance.

Although DWG KIA was a tough challenge and they did have some problems against EG or G2, JDG managed to finish their group in the first place while RNG and EDG lost their advantages and their nemesis Top Esports failed to make it out. Following that, JDG had a lucky draw, having to face Rogue and taking TES' revenge.

While RNG was defeated by T1 and EDG was reverse swept by DRX, JD Gaming easily advanced to the semi-finals, crushing Rogue in three games and starting to work on their possible semi-finals opponents. That will be T1, dubbed the strongest team in the world back in spring season, but lost that hype in summer.

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Can 369 win the trophy this time?

369 was always considered a top laner with potential, but for various reasons, he couldn't manage to live up to the expectations. That changed when he was united with his new coach Homme at the start of the year. Coach Homme says that 369 doesn't like to play the game a lot, but he is great at it when he does. So all he had to do was help him and force him to play it when necessary.

Now, 369 is the most feared top laner in the world, together with the young superstar Zeus. Their clash will be an amazing sight.

Obviously, the team has a strong bot lane, but Hope and Missing aren't as flashy or as dominant as the rest of their team. Kanavi is widely accepted as the best jungler in the world, and Yagao came to Worlds 2022 as the best mid laner of the LPL. Naturally, it's hard for Hope and Missing to stand out. Against Gumayusi and Keria who understood the meta perfectly and performed great, spotlights will also turn on them.

Oner's performance was also questionable in the last season, so Kanavi and Yagao duo might try to take over their enemies to affect the map altogether. JDG definitely has everything it takes to defeat T1 and win Worlds. It is now up to T1 if they can answer them.