Worlds 2022 Group Stage schedule and betting odds

The last two teams participating in Worlds 2022 Main Event are decided: RNG and Evil Geniuses joined the event in New York. The group stage will start this weekend, featuring the best League of Legends teams all around the world. Let’s take a look at what happened on the final day of the play-in stage before jumping into the action.

Royal Never Give Up was a clear favourite before play-in started, but the same cannot be said for Evil Geniuses. They had to change their ADC with a sub from the academy, and they still managed to outclass Europe’s fourth place, MAD Lions. You can find a detailed look at the best-of-fives below.

Worlds 2022 Play-In Stage Qualification Matches

After defeating LOUD and DFM in the group stage, Evil Geniuses finished their group second place, facing MAD Lions who defeated Saigon Buffalo in a best-of-five series yesterday. While many considered MAD Lions as the favourites, there were also a significant number of analysts pointing out MAD’s weaknesses.

Evil Geniuses represented North America at MSI too, and with the loss against Fnatic at Worlds 2022, NA and EG’s record against Europe was 0-7. EG was ready to change that, crushing their opponents in the first game of the series with solid advantages in every single role. It was apparent that EG studied MAD Lions, while MAD dropped a game against Saigon Buffalo, a team way below their level.

As the series progressed, MAD’s weaknesses were more obvious. Impact and jojopyun definitely owned their lanes, resulting in Elyoya being absolutely useless with no help. Although he was an academy ADC, we knew that Kaori had strong mechanics, and Kaiser’s poor form on top of two losing lanes and a helpless jungler meant a 3-0 victory for EG.

When that series ended very quickly, it seemed like this would be the fastest night of Worlds 2022 because the next game was Royal Never Give Up vs DetonatioN FocusMe. However, DFM didn’t make it all the way here to Mexico just to get crushed by a stronger team. Playing a perfect team fight comp, DFM defeated RNG, handing them their first-ever loss against a minor region representative.

Obviously, Royal Never Give Up took control of the series in the following games. Wei’s performance especially helped RNG to get back on track and take the win that was already theirs. Japanese fans will remember this day for a long time though, it is one of the most important victories in the history of Japanese League of Legends. It might even be more valuable than making it to the group stage.

Fnatic joined Group A, Evil Geniuses joined Group B, DRX joined Group C and Royal Never Give Up joined Group D in Worlds 2022 Main Event. The group stage starts this weekend; make sure to visit Luckbox and keep track of the latest news. Sign up now to claim your 100% bonus before placing your bets.

Worlds 2022 Group Stage is starting

Check out the schedule of the first day:

Friday, October 7
Cloud9 (1.68) vs Fnatic (2.05) - 23:00 CEST
Saturday, October 8
G2 Esports (2.50) vs DWG KIA (1.48) - 00:00 CEST
CTBC Flying Oyster (2.60) vs 100 Thieves (1.45) - 01:00 CEST
JD Gaming (1.13) vs Evil Geniuses (5.30) - 02:00 CEST
T1 (1.82) vs EDward Gaming (1.88) - 03:00 CEST
Gen.G (1.38) vs Royal Never Give Up (2.80) - 04:00 CEST

Worlds 2022 will start with the fight between Europe and NA: North American champions Cloud9 takes on Fnatic as the favourites. Fnatic looked sloppy in play-ins and they might have problems against C9. G2 Esports will face DWG KIA, and although DK is not perfect, Koreans tend to do well in the group stage. CTBC Flying Oyster will play their first international match against 100 Thieves, and we will find out their level during that game. Hard to decide.

JD Gaming as the Chinese champions will face Evil Geniuses, and we all expect a show-off from them. T1 will take on EDG, repeating last year’s group stage. Both teams seem to be on a similar level, with T1 just a step further. Gen.G will take on a very strong opponent on the first day. The LCK champions are still the favourite however against MSI 2022 champions. It is a chance for them to show their strength against such a strong opponent.