Worlds 2022: Gen.G made it to the semi-finals

As the second favourite to win Worlds after JD Gaming, Gen.G’s great performance continues and they are here at the semi-finals. Gen.G’s rival will be DRX, a team that they were able to crush with ease during the LCK regular season. Their increasing form suggests a win for GEN.

However, before we head into the semi-finals games, we should take a look at Gen.G’s story. Why are they considered one of the best teams in the world, and how did they improve so much in just one season. Let’s take a look at the story of Gen.G and how they made it to Worlds 2022 semi-finals.

Gen.G wins LCK 2022 Summer Season

While T1 managed to dominate South Korea and the LCK in spring season, Gen.G performed as well as they did in the summer season, although they dropped one series against T1. With a 17-1 start and a perfect playoffs run, Gen.G crushed the hopes of their enemies and reached the LCK championship.

The meta was perfect for Gen.G, Chovy was able to scale while Ruler, arguably the best ADC in the world right now, affected the games deeply with champions like Zeri: they were good in the early game and got even stronger in the late game. Only Liiv SANDBOX with a game plan around their strong ADC Prince could make them struggle, but for example, T1 didn’t have a chance due to their structure.

Worlds 2022 meta and Gen.G

Thus, when the Worlds 2022 arrived with a new meta, the support for Gen.G fell while JD Gaming emerged as a better candidate for winning the tournament. For a while, Gen.G did look like they couldn’t adapt to this new meta. However, as they played more official games, Gen.G got better.

Royal Never Give Up challenged them, but they managed to outperform them in the second week. To be fair, RNG players were sadly Covid-19 positive, affecting their performance a lot. Gen.G had to show that it was not RNG’s wrong, but their excellent performance which got them to the quarter-finals.

The draw wasn’t lucky: DWG KIA was their opponent. DK followed T1 and GEN all of 2022 long closely, and they just couldn’t catch up. But, they played close series against both teams, which was a nightmare for Gen.G. Even with ShowMaker coughing like he was dying, DWG KIA was able to make Gen.G fear for their lives.

The quarter-final series between the teams wasn’t so different. Although Gen.G started with two wins, they were not perfect ones. It seemed like DWG KIA was making mistakes by leaving Yuumi open. Perfecting their drafts, they were able to take it to 2-2, an unbelievable shock for Gen.G.

It would be the upset of the year if DK managed to pull the reverse sweep against the LCK champions, but it didn’t happen. Although it was a close game five, Chovy and Ruler popped off when necessary, taking their team to the semi-finals. Canyon and ShowMaker weren’t enough to stop a whole five-man team.

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Gen.G’s chances against DRX

Gen.G is the clear favourite against DRX, even though the team was able to pull the reverse sweep against EDward Gaming, they shouldn’t get more than one game from Gen.G. If the series doesn’t end in 3-1 or 3-0, it would really be a bad result for Gen.G, and I wouldn’t expect them to win Worlds after a messy semi-final series against such a weak opponent, considered to Gen.G’s strength.

Gen.G will rely on their legendary ADC Ruler’s performance as always, to get advantages in the bot lane and offer high amounts of damage in the late game. Chovy will also keep using his style, he will farm and focus on finding resources in the early game to scale better. Peanut’s job is critical as always, he will help Chovy and Ruler get to the late game strong with his genius map movements.