Worlds 2022 finalists will be decided this weekend

After the nail-biter quarter-finals, Worlds 2022 semi-finals are set to start this weekend. Only four teams are alive, with three South Korean and one Chinese representative. The LPL champions will take on three LCK teams to keep the Worlds trophy in China.

It has been an amazing Worlds so far, with great performances, matches, and incredible stories. To many like Doublelift, Worlds 2022 is the best Worlds ever. Let's take a brief look at what happened in the quarter-finals and move on to the semi-finals schedule.

The quarter-finals

Story of the quarter-finals started with JD Gaming vs Rogue. The LPL champions had a strong showing against the LEC champions, taking them down quickly with a 3-0. Rogue's performance visibly declined in the second week of groups, and it was an expected win for JD Gaming's side.

The quarter-finals weekend actually started with T1 vs Royal Never Give Up. Although T1 managed to win the series 3-0, it was still incredibly close, with game two being one of the best games in the Worlds 2022 history. T1 managed to claw their way back to the game, winning it in 42 minutes and completely destroying RNG's mental fortitude.

This amazing series was followed by an iconic one. Gen.G faced DWG KIA, an organization and roster they historically struggle against. Although GEN won the first two games, they weren't clean and DK managed to polish their mistakes to win the following ones and make it 2-2. Another incredible close game decided the fate of the series, Ruler popped off and Gen.G made it to the semi-finals somehow.

Finally, DRX pulled the second reverse sweep in the history of Worlds against EDward Gaming last night. After the second game where Deft had the EDG nexus at almost 100 hp, DRX didn't let this affect their mentality and let Zeka carry the team to the 3-2 victory. This is the first time Deft makes it to the semi-finals since Worlds 2014, and it was his birthday also.

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Semi-finals schedule

Take a look at what's happening at Worlds next:

Saturday, October 29
JD Gaming (1.88) vs T1 (1.82) - 23:00 CEST

Sunday, October 30
Gen.G (1.17) vs DRX (4.40) - 23:00 CEST

Looking at them before the start, one of these series look closer than the other. Although JD Gaming is the LPL champions and the favourite of Worlds 2022, T1 is a fitting challenger. Both teams will fight hard for their region's pride, and it will be an amazing series for sure.

Gen.G vs DRX on the other hand looks one-sided at first. Gen.G is also the favourite at Worlds 2022 as the LCK champions and DRX didn't look like they could challenge such a team. However, after the EDG series and seeing GEN's performance against DK, I must say DRX has a chance, albeit it being too low.