Worlds play-ins 2019: Boukev's betting predictions for day one

On the eve of the Worlds Play-Ins 2019, LoL fan and Luckbox community member Bouke Vogelaar has served up his League of Legends Worlds 2019 betting tips for Mammoth vs Unicorns of Love and Isurus gaming vs Detonation FocusMe on day one.

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Play-in predictions

The play-in stage for the main League of Legends tournament of the year sees 12 teams divided into four groups where they play a double round robin format. This means there will be plenty of matches with a schedule known well ahead of time so we have some time to do extensive research before making our bets. For day one I have picked two matches that seem interesting enough to bet on.


Mammoth vs Unicorns of Love

Mammoth seems to generally be considered as the team with the lowest odds of winning the tournament. After coming in second in a tense OPL season against mostly Chiefs esports club they still managed to win the playoffs after a very strong second split season. Unfortunately they were a mid-ranked team in the first split of the OPL. The Unicorns of Love on the other hand competed in the LCL against stronger competition but only formed in the second split. The UoL is a rebirth of three members of the Vega Squadron which was already a #3 team in the LCL at that moment. I am betting on a win for the Unicorns of Love.

Boukev's Best Bet: Unicorns of Love to win versus Mammoth @1.4 - make your prediction


Isurus gaming vs Detonation FocusMe

The clear Japanese #1 team Detonation FocusMe has won an impressive 37 out of 42 maps in the League of Legends Japan League. Even though the league is not yet known for its strength, their playstyle and dominance in the matches was impressive to watch.

Their road has only been going slowly upwards since 2018 having had some international appearances and map wins in the 2018 Worlds play-ins and 2019 Mid Season Invitational. After a strong season I expect them to win a few matches in the play-in stage and Isurus gaming from Argentina seems like a nice target but I would have not gone for Detonation FocusMe to win for lesser odds than 2.0x

Boukev's Best Bet: Detonation FocusMe to win versus Isurus gaming @2.1 - make your prediction now

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Picture: LoL Esports / Flickr