CSGO giveaway: Win free skins

We're giving you the chance to win free CSGO skins during the New Champions Stage as part of our FACEIT Major giveaway.

We're running free-to-enter contests on Twitter during the final phase of the competition.

On Twitter, we'll be asking you to predict the outcome of all the remaining matches - starting with the quarter-finals on September 20.

How to enter

The Luckbox FACEIT Major giveaway will run throughout the play-offs stage of the Major in London on the following matches (times in UTC, BST -1).

Quarter-finals: Friday, September 21

3.15pm: Team Liquid v HellRaisers
6.45pm: Astralis v FaZe

New Champions Stage semi-finals: Saturday, September 22

3.15pm: MIBR v Na'Vi
6.45pm: Team Liquid v Astralis

The New Champions Stage final: Sunday, September 23

5.10pm: Na'Vi v Astralis

FACEIT Major giveaway - terms and conditions

On Twitter, the contest for each match closes when the match starts - entries after that will not be eligible.

To be eligible for all FACEIT Major giveaway contests, you need to be at least 18 years old and have a Steam account. You'll need to provide your Streamtrade URL within 24 hours of us contacting you - otherwise you will not receive your prize.

Items will be transferred to winners seven days after the contest closes. Entry is free. All elements of the contest are governed at Luckbox's discretion.

One entry per person - multiple entries will be disqualified.

Never miss a giveaway

Hot competition

Luckbox associate brand manager Felix Charles says the FACEIT Major giveaways has proved very popular with CSGO fans.

He said: "We've seen a huge amount of interest in the giveaways and that has increased as the Major has progressed.

"We've gradually increased the value of the skins we're giving away as we close in on the latter stages of the tournament. It's been a great way for Luckbox to engage with CSGO fans and we've been delighted with the response so far.

'We have listened to the esports (CSGO in this case) community and wanted to offer them what they wanted with authenticity. They want to follow the FACEIT Major as close as possible and want to be able to play with the skins they see on-screen. Ding! You have it with Luckbox.

"Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to take part in the giveaways and please stay tuned to our channels for more chances to win throughout the Major and beyond."