Will the teams at PGL Arlington be successful at ESL One Malaysia?

ESL One Malaysia 2022 starts soon and 12 teams will take part in the competition with a $400,000 prize pool. Although there are serious doubts about the possibility of some teams like Alliance to be successful, today we will take a look at the teams that will participate in ESL One Malaysia 2022, which also participated in the PGL Arlington Major 2022.

We will examine whether they can achieve the same level of success or go beyond. So let's start.


Dealing with visa problems, OG did not do well at the PGL Arlington Major 2022. Ceb was included in OG's roster in the tournament where Misha and Chuvash could not participate. Finishing third in Group A, OG lost to PSG.LGD in the upper bracket semifinals. Their failure to win against Team Aster in the lower bracket semifinals resulted in them being eliminated from the tournament. Thus, they finished the Major in fourth place. Fourth place is not bad, but we expected at least a grand final from them.

Misha will not be able to attend ESL One Malaysia 2022 again. Chuvash, the coach of the team, will play instead. The absence of Team Spirit and PSG.LGD is a big deal for OG. This time they can reach the championship. But when we take a look at the competitors, they will have to really work for it.

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Fnatic successfully finished fourth in PGL Arlington's group stage and made it into the playoffs from the upper bracket. They said goodbye to Major with their consecutive defeats against Team Aster and beastcoast.

Strong rivals await Fnatic in ESL One Malaysia's Group B. It is unlikely that they will make it to the playoff stage. In fact, it seems quite possible that they will complete the group as the last team.

Team Liquid

For Team Liquid, PGL Arlington was a draw-filled tournament. They drew exactly five of their eight matches, and that performance was enough to get them into the playoffs' lower bracket. Beyond that, they were insufficient. They said goodbye to the Major after a 2-1 loss to BOOM Esports.

At ESL One Malaysia 2022, Team Liquid's group features some pretty strong teams. Although it seems unlikely that they will make it to the playoffs, when we consider the possibility of Fnatic or Team Liquid making the playoffs, this probability is higher for Team Liquid.


Entity was one of the surprise teams of the PGL Arlington Major 2022. While considering whether they will be eliminated in the group stage or continue from the lower bracket, they finished second in the group after Team Aster. Although they won the first game against OG in the upper bracket quarterfinals, they ultimately lost 1-2

In the lower bracket, they eliminated Evil Geniuses and even BOOM Esports from the tournament. Their encounter with Team Aster was the last stop for them. They lost 2-1 and said goodbye to the tournament. Nevertheless, they should be congratulated for this magnificent performance.

With this soaring performance, we almost certainly see them making the playoffs at ESL One Malaysia 2022. We think they will finish third in Group A and enter the playoffs from the lower bracket. Whether they can advance in the playoff stage depends on the opponents they face.

Team Aster

Team Aster has been performing quite well lately, with its experienced roster getting accustomed to each other for a long time. The undefeated Group B first place at PGL Arlington is one of the biggest indicators of this.

Even though they started the playoffs by knocking out Fnatic, they were not able to win against Team Spirit in the upper bracket semifinals, which is normal, since those guys became the champions.

In the lower bracket, they eliminated Entity and OG, but in the lower bracket final, their opponent was again the troublemaker Team Spirit. Naturally, they said goodbye to the tournament in the lower bracket final. Third place at the PGL Arlington Major 2022 is certainly not an achievement to be underestimated.

It is highly likely that they will finish Group A of ESL One Malaysia 2022 as the leader. For them, the strongest rival of the group may be Team Secret.

In the playoff stage, a grand final or a championship is quite possible for them. Let's not forget that another contender for the championship is OG.

A feast-like encounter awaits us in a possible grand final match. Who would win it? We think it will be Team Aster. For some reason, OG cannot win in recent times, but if they do, they should do it while PSG.LGD and Team Spirit are not around.

Let's not forget though that OG won ESL One Stockholm 2022.

Credit: ESL Dota 2

BOOM Esports

BOOM Esports hasn't been performing bad lately. They finished fourth in Group B at PGL Arlington and started the playoffs from the upper bracket. They naturally relegated to the lower bracket after matching with PSG.LGD. In the lower bracket, they won against Team Liquid. They were expected to knock out Entity in lower bracket round 2, but they failed and bid farewell to the Major.

At ESL One Malaysia 2022, BOOM Esports' strongest rival in the group stage is OG. It seems unlikely that they will complete the group stage ahead of OG. They will probably continue their way from the upper bracket as the group runner-up. We think that they can be successful in the playoffs and find a place in the top four.

Talon Esports

Talon Esports joined PGL Arlington after the eighth invited team declined the invitation. They played in a pretty strong group and it was difficult for them to succeed. They were eliminated from the Major, finishing seventh in Group A.

Honestly, their roster is not enough for the playoffs of ESL One Malaysia 2022 as well. The only team in their group that they won't have a hard time defeating is Alliance. They will probably finish fifth in Group A and say goodbye to the tournament.

Thunder Awaken

We have come to the end of our list of teams that take part in both tournaments. Thunder Awaken was one of the teams that failed at the PGL Arlington Major 2022. They did not win any match in Group A and were eliminated from the tournament in eighth place, ahead of Soniqs.

Thunder Awaken looks more likely to advance to the playoffs at ESL One Malaysia. They are in the same group as Talon Esports and Alliance. We think they will qualify for the playoffs from the lower bracket by finishing ahead of them. It will be quite difficult for them to progress in the playoffs.

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