Why is Bane everyone's nightmare?

Bane is one of the most picked heroes across regions and has seen a surge in popularity as a position 5 hero. But what makes Bane a trustworthy pick in the current meta?

Good question. Let’s find out the answer.

Bane: Potent

Bane has four potent single target skills that can derail any hero in the game, especially Brain Sap, Nightmare and Fiend’s grip.

Brain Sap allows Bane to deal hefty damage to the target and simultaneously heal himself for the same amount.

Nightmare is one of the better utilised skills in pro games and for good reason. The ability can be used to put a unit – enemy or ally – to sleep and completely disable the said unit. With Nightmare, a good Bane player can always set up fights or provide escape alternatives.

Fiend’s Grip is one of the deadliest skills a player can have on a support hero. Bane channels Fiend’s Grip to completely disable the enemy target, draining its mana and dealing high damage over time.

Bane: Tree Talents

Almost all of Bane’s tree talents compliment his spells.

Reduction in Brain Sap and Nightmare skill cooldown by 3 seconds, and increase in Fiend’s Grip duration by 5 seconds, makes Bane extremely lethal as a position 5 hero.

In different scenarios, increase in movement speed or magic resistance also works in Bane’s favour.

Bane: Itemisation

Proper itemisation on Bane, combined with his abilities and selection of talents can prove to be a nightmarish experience for the enemies.

A combination of the currently popular item builds on Bane; Tranquil Boots, Aether Lens, and Glimmer Cape, make for a trifecta of wonderful magic.

Providing Bane with the lethal combination of disabling, nuking or establishing lane prowess, the above mentioned items have helped set up numerous fights in his favour.

Bane: Pierces immunity

We spoke about Bane having potent abilities, and one such ability is the Fiend’s Grip. Despite dealing high damage and draining mana, all the while rendering the enemy target useless, there’s one more thing that adds spice to the flavour.

Yes, you heard it right. Fiend’s Grip pierces through immunity. Bane can stop the target from advancing further or escaping by using his ultimate that pierces through immunity, i.e., Black King Bar, etc.

There’s no escaping.

Bane: Conclusion

Overall, Bane is comparatively a better pick than his peers owing to high early game stats making him a menace in the lane.

Bane's aptitude for incapacitating and debilitating enemies make him an invaluable support to allies—and a nightmare for enemies.

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