Why does Shadow Shaman remain unnoticed?

Tour 1 of the 2021/22 DPC is nearing its conclusion with teams gearing up for the Major, and trying to figure out the best possible strategies to outwit one another in an attempt to score enough DPC points.

We’ve witnessed teams come up with unique strategies and unusual hero picks to gain an upper hand, all the while seeing few of them succeed while seeing others fail miserably. The surprising fact, however, is seeing few heroes being unpicked throughout the first season.

In this two part series, we focus on two heroes that have largely gone unnoticed despite being solid picks.

The first name on the list is Rhasta; the Shadow Shaman.

Shadow Shaman: Control

Shadow Shaman has insane control when it comes to the laning stage or team fights. All of his abilities are legit good and can be used for both purposes; defence and offence. He is a strong support, and can help maintain the stability of a lane for his position 1 player.

A good laner, unlike Lion, Shadow Shaman has low downtime on his spells and can dish out constant harassment to the enemy, all the while creating space for his allies.

He’s also a reliable disabler with Shackles and Hex providing much leeway to set up a clash or run away from a fight, according to the situation.

Shadow Shaman: Tower Pusher

Image Valve

Shadow Shaman is one of the best tower pushers in the game through his ultimate; Mass Serpent Ward.

As soon as Shaman reaches level 6, his ultimate can be effectively utilised by his allies to take down towers quickly – a trait his main rivals, Lion and Bane, lack.

By doing so, he helps build pressure on the enemy team and at the same time, create space for his own allies.

Shadow Shaman: Wave clearance

Shadow Shaman is good when it comes to clearing waves or stopping aggressive manoeuvres through his ability; Ether Shock. With the starting radius, max distance and end radius, Ether Shock can hit units up to 1000 range away.

Crazy right?

Ether shock can deal up to 320 damage initially with the potential of scaling up to 700 through talents and items.

Shadow Shaman: Reason for being unnoticed

Shadow Shaman is one of the better heroes, even in the current meta, that can provide versatility to the team. Be it defence or offence, he can gel really well with his allies and can be the perfect fit.

But why is he ignored? Squishy? Slow?

Shaman is a better option available as opposed to Lion and Bane, but he still goes unnoticed for reasons beyond my imagination. But hey, what do I know? Pros are pros for a reason right?

Still find it hard to believe me? Then you should definitely watch GH’s Shadow Shaman in a pub game:

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