Which teams qualified for the ESL Pro League Season 17 Playoffs?

After almost a month of world-class CS:GO action, the Group Stage of ESL Pro League Season 17 has finally come to an end.

ESL Pro League Season 17 Playoffs teams

And that means it's time for the Playoffs, which will take place from March 21 until the Grand Final on March 26. From the 32 teams who started the Group Stage, just 16 remain - and they'll be fighting it out over the next week for their share of the $850,000 prize pool.

The ultimate winner following the Grand Final will receive $200,000, 3000 BLAST Premier Points alongside qualifications to both IEM Cologne and the BLAST Premier World Final.

This month's tournament has already been host to some incredible CS:GO performances, filled with spectacular upset wins and shocking defeats. That's perhaps no better exemplified than in forZe's amazing Cinderella story, who now wait in the Quarterfinals bracket after their undefeated Group D run - beating the likes of Natus Vincere (NAVI) and Team Spirit, before emerging victorious over ENCE in the Group D Upper Bracket Final.  The Russian team defied the odds time and time again in the Group Stage, and will absolutely be a team worth keeping your eye on this week.

Not everyone has had such successes, of course. Team Liquid will be participating in the Round of 16 bracket, after a troubled Group Stage run that saw them narrowly avoiding elimination - having qualified for the Playoffs through a last-chance victory in the Group D Lower Bracket Final against Astralis. This disappointing run comes despite high expectations for Liquid, who made it to the Grand Final at ESL Pro League Season 16 before being defeated by Team Vitality.

And there are sure to be yet more surprises to come as we look toward the Playoffs. The 16 qualified teams are as follows:

Team Group Qualified for
Cloud9 A Quarterfinals
Outsiders A Round of 12
G2 Esports A Round of 16
Fnatic A Round of 16
Heroic B Quarterfinals
MOUZ B Round of 12
FURIA Esports B Round of 16
Movistar Riders B Round of 16
Team Vitality C Quarterfinals
FaZe Clan C Round of 12
paiN Gaming C Round of 16
00 Nation C Round of 16
forZe D Quarterfinals
ENCE D Round of 12
Natus Vincere D Round of 16
Team Liquid D Round of 16


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