Where to pay attention while watching StarCraft 2

StarCraft 2 is mostly known for its popularity for esports, especially in the Eastern parts of the world. What makes this game so popular is the unique gameplay itself and the need for a wise strategic mind structure.

Even though it looks so complicated to watch and learn, reality is not like that. Here is our guide about how to watch a professional StarCraft 2 game and where to pay attention.

StarCraft 2: Races

While you are watching StarCraft 2, you will realize that both the player or team do not have the same classes. It is because of their race choices and every race has different pros. This also brings a completely different strategy to play with the race you choose and the race you play against.

Here are the races:


Ancient, noble warriors with a golden armada and advanced psionic technology.

Unique Features:

  • Units with shields that recharge over time.
  • Powerful individual units like the Colossus and Carrier.
  • Warp Gate technology to build units.

Key Units:


Basic melee attacker that forms the core of every Protoss ground army. Can be upgraded to quickly close distance on evasive targets.


Advanced spellcaster that wreaks havoc on clumped enemies with Psionic Storm.


The pinnacle of Protoss technology: a capital ship carrying short-range Interceptors that attack both air and ground.


Resourceful humans with varied technology and plenty of attitude.

Unique Features:

  • Buildings that lift off.
  • Transforming units like the Viking and Hellion.
  • Many viable strategies, including infantry and mechanical styles.

Key Units:


Light infantry that can attack both air and ground targets. Fragile but fearsome in large numbers.


Armored unit that can transform into a stationary mode for tremendous area-of-effect damage.


Giant capital ship with devastating ground and air attacks.


A ferocious swarm of merciless beasts that devour worlds.

Unique Features:

  • Units that burrow beneath the surface.
  • Swarms of fast-moving units like Zerglings and Mutalisks.
  • Creep spread that covers zerg bases in a nourishing biological substance.

Key Units:


Swift melee attackers that spawn in pairs. Adept at ambushing small groups of enemy units.


Versatile air units that attack both ground and air. Better at skirmishes and harassment than head-on engagements.


Titanic ground unit with blades that deal area-of-effect damage. Durable but slow.

Every player is a part of one race in esports tournaments. This brings a different way of enjoying while watching since all players need to be unique and eager to win. While you are watching the tournaments, you will get more into the tactics they use according to their races.

StarCraft 2: Strategies

It is impossible to mention how strategies are important in a game such as StarCraft 2. It is even right to say it’s all about strategy. But the ones we will mention today are the two general types that are seen in esports: Passive and Aggressive.

Passive: A passive strategy is about getting more workers and expansions while defending with the least amount of army in order to build a larger army than your opponent in the late game. The opponent must do damage or they will not produce later in the game, as they have very few workers compared to the red player.

Aggressive: An aggressive strategy takes advantage of a passive strategy when your opponent fails to field enough army units to defend adequately. Attacking may not win the game directly for the aggressive player, but if the enemy does enough damage, they have the advantage.

StarCraft 2: Unit Types

Credit: Blizzard

Another factor that you should consider while watching StarCraft 2 is units. There isn’t much about units and it is so easy to follow once you learn what they are and what they do.

Marines have cannons, so they have a ranged attack.

Zealots have blades on their arms, so they have a melee attack.

Mutalisks have wings, so they can fly and are very mobile.

Roaches are, as their name suggests, hard to kill.

Units with cloaking devices can become invisible unless the enemy has a "Detector" unit.

Cloaking units in the Terran army have ghostly names, Banshee and Ghost.

Fast and mobile units are excellent for detecting enemies, but are weak combat units.

In general, the bigger the unit, the stronger it is.

Esports of StarCraft 2 is still keeping its big worth and official tournaments are held every year with huge prize pools. Luckbox gives you an opportunity to follow all the matches going on in StarCraft 2 and put a bet by your analysis.