Where to pay attention while watching Call of Duty

Call of Duty is considered as one of the greatest FPS games in esports. In-game action, weapons, maps, graphics and more stuff turns this game into a perfect FPS for its lovers.

Their events are also loved by crowded fans of esports and that raised a question about CoD tournaments: what should we really be looking at? Here are the top 4 tips for CoD lovers to improve themselves in the game and also their enjoyment of watching.


There are plenty of maps in Call of Duty and every single one of them employs a different tactic, set-up, equipment and the list goes on. Since the maps can show differences from modes too, it is also related to the mode of the game.  

Here is the list of maps used in Call of Duty League 2022: Stage 1:



Desert Siege




Credit: Activision

What you need to know is how a team organizes itself inside of a particular map. Are they separating inside the map or rushing together? Make your analysis well and jus t keep your eye on the left corner on the minimaps in streams. In this way, you will see the movement of the players and have a more brief idea while watching the game or even playing it.


Related with maps, modes are also plenty on Call of Duty and they all create a new looking mentality to the game. Different from normal game modes, Call of Duty mostly uses three modes in its esports competitions. Here are the modes used in Call of Duty League 2022: Stage 1:


In hardpoint, two teams try to hold the random points that appear on the map to get points. While one team is holding the point, the other team should try to take it back from its enemies.

Credit: Activision

While watching Hardpoint, try to focus on how the players attack to the point or how the owner of the point defends.

Search and Destroy

Search and Destroy is a game mode in which teams compete against each other with only one life per round. The attacking teams must destroy a bomb and the defending teams must prevent the attacking teams from doing so.

Since it's a one life game for players, pay attention to how carefully players move and use their skills. Also, their position while planting or going to defuse the bomb is pretty important. This is so fun to see and make guesses on map for both teams in Search and Destroy.


Two teams take turns attacking or defending two designated conquest zones on the map with limited respawns. The attackers have two options in front of them for winning: capture both places or eliminate all the defenders before the time ends.

Similar to Search and Destroy, being patient and careful is the key for winning in Control game mode. Also time is limited and this creates another reflex for thinking fast for the next move.


Set-ups are pretty important if you would like to improve yourself, since it is quite hard to have one with comparable gears. In that case, watching professional Call of Duty players may help you with your knowledge of set-ups.

It is suggested to start with looking at their primary and secondary weapons to have your first idea. Then, you can see what kind of equipment and upgrades they have on their set-up. Also, attachments for the weapons are something you should know since a weapon without an upgrade is nothing inside of the game.


The same with all other team-based esports games, there is no any way to win without playing and moving as a team. Call of Duty in esports is not an individual game so it is also considered as an important factor to watch out for.

Thanks to esports streaming, watching players’ faces and expressions are available on streams. In that way, you can see how they keep communicating with each other every single minute. If you check the map again, then you will see the organized plan they create.

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