What’s coming up in esports this summer?

Looking to find some esports events for the summer? This is the right place for you. As a tradition, esports tournaments are held all year long without skipping a beat. We gathered different tournaments from different games for you to keep in mind before you make your plans for a getaway.

Our focus for today are the three games that have the most exciting esports scenes in the world right now but we will also take a look at other games at the end of the list. There are some amazing competitions coming up for the summer, and if you are an esports fan, you won’t get bored in 2022.

League of Legends

Most leagues in League of Legends are coming to an end as we approach MSI 2022, but that’s how a professional year in LoL esports works. After MSI’s end, all leagues will start rapidly, so you will have lots of content to watch during June and July. Unfortunately, Asian Games will be played this September, so LCK and LPL might end earlier than expected, keep that in mind.

Which leagues are we talking about? LCS, where spring split is about to end, LEC, where G2 Esports recently became the champions, LCK, where T1 ended the league with a 20-0 series and LPL which is also approaching the grand final between Top Esports and Royal Never Give Up.

Additionally, minor leagues such as Japan’s LJL, Brazil’s CBLOL or Turkey’s TCL will start in the summer to determine which team will represent them at Worlds 2022. If watching perfect League of Legends games on major leagues isn’t enough for you anymore, check them out.


Image via Riot Games

VALORANT Champions Tour is also going through a major international event right now, Masters Reykjavik. However, VCT 2022 will continue rapidly after the Master's end. Although the dates aren’t quite clear just like League of Legends esports, we know what we will see on VCT 2022’s next stage.

If you watched VCT this year, you are familiar with the format. Regional leagues, which is a bit different in EMEA, where every single local scene has their own league and a joint league on top of that decides who represents the region internationally, will continue as always. Following that, the second Masters competition of the year will be played.

According to Riot’s official schedule, the Challengers stage should take place in May and June, and the second Masters will be played in July. Following that, the Last Chance Qualifiers will be played and we will head on to Champions, starting in August until September.


Unlike VALORANT, CS:GO has a very old structure and many tournament organizers, thus, the calendar looks much more solid thanks to annual tournaments such as IEM or BLAST Premier. We listed some of the best tournaments that are announced for Summer below:

ESL Impact League Season 1 - Female league, June 3-5
IEM XVII Dallas - May 30 - June 5
Pinnacle Cup Championship - June 8-11
Global Esports Tour 2022: Dubai - June, TBA
BLAST Premier Spring Finals - June 15-19
REPUBLEAGUE Season 3 - June 7-29
IEM XVII Cologne - July 5-17
BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2022 - August 19-28
ESL Pro League Season 16 - August 31 - October 2

Surely, there are quite a number of tournaments after PGL Major Antwerp 2022, and these are only the most important ones. When it comes to CS:GO, you don’t run out of fun.

Other games

Dota 2 is still a strong professional arena: Current Dota Pro Circuit cycle will end with the Major in May, and another will start following that: DPC Qualifiers, League and Major will be played this summer.

PUBG Nations Cup will be played this summer, right after the PUBG Continental Series in May. In Rocket League, RLCS 2021-22 Spring Split Major will be played between June 29 and July 3, and RLCS 2021-22 World Championship between August 4 and 14.

Rainbow Six Siege has some big competitions coming up. Six World Cup 2022 will start on June 1 and end on August 1, following that, Six August Major will start on August 15. Global Starcraft II League Season 2 Code S will start on June 6, so if you are a fan of SC2, make sure you check that one out.

More tournaments with bigger prize pools might be announced as we approach the summer, especially in CS:GO. You can find the updates, watch the tournaments live and bet on your favourite teams on Luckbox.