What we learned from Worlds 2021: Stats, facts and analysis

Worlds 2021 is over, and after disappointing their fans time and time again, LPL somehow managed to come out on top with EDward Gaming winning the whole thing. Even when they beat FunPlus Phoenix in the LPL Summer Finals, they were considered a step below FPX, but EDG proved here how much they can do.

As the champion with the most games played (21), EDG has done an incredible job defeating DWG KIA who seemed unbeatable and playing to their strengths throughout the finals series. Take a look at the stories of these teams and relive the final moments of the League of Legends World Championship 2021.


Before the series, we talked about how DWG KIA had to use Canyon and ShowMaker in our analysis. The LCK champions came into the final with odds of 1.30, and they deserved it with their performance. After crushing LCK in the second half of the split, they continued that streak at Worlds 2021, making it to the final with only two losses against T1.

However, those two defeats meant DK could bleed. T1 opened a gateway that EDG might be able to get through. They could not always rely on Khan being unstoppable like in the group stage or Canyon being a monster. With their skills being so high and them looking so calm in the last two games against T1, it was not wrong to consider ShowMaker and friends as favourites, but it was wrong to consider them untouchable.

EDward Gaming

LPL champions are always considered championship contenders at Worlds, but EDward Gaming did not show that potential in the group and knockout stages. After being topped by T1 in their group, EDG played the only other remaining LPL representative in the quarter-finals, making them the only Chinese team in the semi-finals. And Gen.G did not make it easy for them.

After a 3-2 semi-final, where the quality of gameplay was really low, EDG made it to the final. People were already discussing that T1 deserved to be here and that they looked stronger than EDG. Nevertheless, the Korean duo, Scout and Viper, had other plans in mind. Especially, Scout waited for too long, and he was not here to get stomped by DWG KIA.

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The Worlds 2021 final

The long awaited final between the LPL champion and the LCK champion took place on November 6, and the teams were strong! Putting aside their performances at Worlds 2021, of course. When you do consider them, a 3-0 win by DWG KIA was expected, especially as the last Worlds final, which lasted five games, was 5 years ago. So, we had to wait until EDward Gaming won the first game to accept that this was going to be a good series, and remember that EDG is the LPL champion.

After an incredible four games that could go either way, we finally saw a five game Worlds final and EDG had the advantage of winning the fourth game. They proved that they are very strong mentally in the LPL playoffs, where a lot of best-of-five games are played. Maybe that's what DWG KIA missed, I do not know, but in the end, EDG reached the Summoners' Cup in Iceland thanks to the great performance of Scout and Viper, supported by their teammates, especially Jiejie's steals and Meiko's impressive plays.

Scout took home the well-deserved Finals MVP award, Viper and Meiko finally got the recognition they deserved, and Flandre and Jiejie won the championship at their first attempt. There was one common thread in the EDG interviews, they all mentioned and claimed they took T1 and Faker's revenge. Especially Scout, who holds Faker in high regard and considers him his idol.

This result continued LPL's winning streak in 2021, but it is too early to consider them the "reigning" region. LCK was so much better overall, and just as the fact that DAMWON Gaming is better than any other team in the world did not make LCK a better league than LPL last year, the same is probably true here. This could be China's last effort before they relinquish their throne to Korea if they do not do something. Here is a spicy rumour: FPX might replace its entire squad this season.

Best performers at Worlds 2021

T1 - They were expected to be a "challenger" but T1 managed to become a "contender" here. Around Faker, they created a great synergy between four young players and outdid themselves without a proper coaching staff. This Worlds was definitely a win for T1 and the team showed that their "rebuilding" was not in vain.

Bdd - Finally, Bdd didn't choke! While his performance was not enough to get his team to the semi-finals, Bdd showed what everyone expected of him throughout his career.

Viper - Best ADC and possibly one of the best players in the world right now, no doubt about it. Viper has been EDward Gaming's main weapon and without his consistency, passion and focus they could not have achieved such a great feat.

Khan - Khan showed the best performance of his career during Worlds 2021, the last tournament before his retirement. It's rare to see a top laner playing League of Legends better than his young self, but Khan pulled it off. He can join the army without having a doubt on his mind, having played his best for DK here.

DetonatioN FocusMe - Their run will not be forgotten, they pulled off one of the biggest surprises in the history of minor leagues. Seeing Yutapon reach the group stage might make anyone who remembers the old Wildcard tournaments cry.

Worlds 2021 in numbers

  • 174 million - Worlds 2021 is the top esports tournament by hours watched with 174 million hours, according to Esports Charts
  • 4 million - Worlds 2021 finals had a peak of 4 million viewers, the biggest number amongst non-mobile esports, according to Esports Charts (excluding Chinese platforms)
  • 2 - EDG became the 2nd team to win both an MSI and a World Championship
  • 21 - EDG is also the champion with the most games played with 21 games
  • 83 - During Worlds 2021, 83 games were played
  • 80 - During these games, the total pick/ban champion pool included 80 unique champions
  • 98,8 - Lee Sin had the most pick ban rate with 98,8% during the tournament
  • 51 - Miss Fortune is the most played champion, being picked 51 times

Worlds 2021 top champions

  • Lee Sin - 82 games (37 played, 45 banned)
  • Twisted Fate - 80 games (24 played, 56 banned)
  • Yuumi - 80 games (15 played, 65 banned)
  • LeBlanc - 74 games (23 played, 51 banned)
  • Graves - 65 games (36 played, 29 banned)
  • Aphelios - 65 games (31 played, 34 banned)
  • Lucian - 65 games (20 played, 45 banned)
  • Jarvan IV - 64 games (31 played, 33 banned)
  • Miss Fortune - 61 games (51 played, 10 banned)
  • Ryze - 56 games (24 played, 32 banned)

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