What makes Wraith King a popular pick this meta?

Wraith King has long been the ‘go-to’ choice in professional matches as it fits perfectly into the current meta for a variety of reasons. Durability, scalability, lane prowess and heavy physical damage are some of the perks of seeing WK being picked up more often.

Let’s dive into what makes Wraith King a valuable pick.

Wraith King: Durability

With a base strength of 22, WK is a natural tank during the early stage of the game. Combine that with his passive ‘Vampiric Spirit’ ability, it allows WK to restore his health based on damage dealt.

Building items such as Armlet of Mordiggian, Assault Cuirass, Overwhelming blink, etc., makes WK more durable, thus providing him the ability to survive most of the times. Speaking of survival, WK’s ultimate – Reincarnation – gives him a second life, whenever it is off cooldown.

Wraith King: Scalability

WK is one of the best scalable heroes to exist in the current meta. Not only is he durable but is also one of the most lethal carry heroes that can literally right click any hero like a madman.

WK is an effective laner as well as a jungler. His ability, Vampiric Spirit, spawns skeletons that come in handy to farm with ease, and help towards rapid item progression.

Wraith King: Damage dealer

WK can deal an obscene amount of damage to enemy heroes and right clicks like a maniac. His passive ability, Mortal Strike, deals bonus damage on an attack with a cooldown. In simpler terms, WK deals up to a guaranteed 270% critical damage every 4 seconds.

Building items such as Armlet, Desolator, Assault Cuirass, etc. into Mortal Strike makes WK an attractive pick. It’s annoying especially for squishy opponents who often get eliminated with one hit.

Wraith King: Flexibility

T1 has successfully played WK on the safelane as well as the offlane. A flex pick, WK is primarily played as a hardcore, late game carry but that’s not it. He is as effective and useful in the offlane as he is in the safelane.

As an offlane, WK can turn into an initiator and a frontline tanker making it difficult for the opposite team to get a breakthrough. With a reliable stun in his arsenal, WK can easily engage or diffuse most situations when needed.

Wraith King: Talents

WK’s talents are not that bad either. In fact, they are really good. Picking any of the talents either provides WK with more movement speed/attack speed, or provides more scalability with additional skeleton respawns and enhanced damage.

The final stage of talent provides an excellent option of either opting for Wraithfire Blast (stun) being cast upon Reincarnation or reduction in Mortal Strike cooldown by two seconds thus making WK deal in crits every third attack.

Wraith King: Conclusion

Wraith King is awesome. Pick it, win games and gain a lot of MMR.

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