What is that third person bug in CS:GO

Recently, the issue of CS:GO has been raised by a third-person error that first appeared in August 2020. This error, also called "static view" by Michal Slowinski, also appeared in several matches of CS:GO tournaments.

The most interesting part of this bug came in the middle, when many coaches were affected by it. But what exactly is this bug? Let us take a look at it.

How to activate it

While playing an online match, you can activate this bug by disconnecting and reconnecting to the game server. This bug allows you to see the game in third person instead of the classic player perspective. This remains the case until the round is over.

With this bug, spectators can get information about the opponent by looking around in third person. Since the player himself cannot take a third-person perspective, the spectator can give information directly to the player with the help of this bug.

How tournaments were affected by the bug

According to Dexerto, 40 coaches have been affected by this bug between 2017 and 2020. It is also said that this bug only occurs on Gamers Club and FACEIT servers. However, a representative from FACEIT said that none of the coaches have reported such a bug.

Dexerto, on the other hand, said a few cases of this bug were reported during the Esports Championship Series (ECS) between 2016 and 2019. Gamers Club said all cases of bug use it found on its servers were punished in October 2020, when it banned ten coaches for a period of one to five months for using the Spectator bug (regardless of version) in a competitive environment.

Thirty-seven coaches were also caught using this bug and subsequently banned. Only Sergey 'lmbt' Bezhanov and Anton 'ToH1o' Georgiev were able to return after this ban.

South American teams also complained about these spectator bugs on the Gamers Club servers and how they can affect tournaments. Brazilian coach Bruno 'bruno' Ono even posted screenshots of a conversation with a Gamers Club official in September 2020, reporting that coaches keep encountering bugs during scrims and official matches.

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