What is engraving in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark, developed by Smilegate RPG and published by Amazon Games in Europe and America, continues with a huge influx of players.

Today we will talk about the engravings.

What is engraving?

Engravings provide extra buffs, tweaks or debuffs to your character that appear after you reach level 50 in Lost Ark. While some engravings are quite useful, some can be harmful for your character. Some of the engravings have both positive and negative effects. You should choose the correct engravings considering all these factors, as you must decide on the engravings specific to the sub-class you choose. Each sub-class has its own two engravings. There are dozens of engravings that are common among all classes. You can find detailed information about all engravings from the menu that opens with Alt+I in the game.

How can I activate engravings on my character?

All engravings have a total of three levels. If it is a negative engraving, the negative effect increases as the level increases. If it is a positive engraving, the positive effect increases with the level rise. In engravings that contain both positive and negative features, an increase in level creates a positive effect.

You can amplify the engravings with a stone containing your preferred engravings, with your accessories, or with engravings that you can drag and drop from the Alt+I menu into your character's two engraving slots.

An engraving will be level 1 when it has 5 nodes, level 2 when it has 10 nodes, and level 3 when it has 15 nodes. You can see a sample accessory in the image below.

This necklace provides 2 node points for Mayhem, one of the most preferred engravings of the Berserker. It also provides 1 node point for Contender, but also 1 node point for Attack Speed Reduction.

Currently, four of all the accessories equipped on my character have +2 and one of them has +1 Mayhem. As we mentioned above, this is enough for one level of Mayhem, and one less node than two levels of Mayhem. To reach even higher levels, stones and engraving slots come into play.

What are the benefits of stones for engraving?

Stones, which are important especially after level 50, become equipable after being processed in ability stone cutter NPCs.

In the ability stone cutter, you are trying to open the nodes of the previously written engravings on the stone according to your luck. Your goal is to open as many positive engraving nodes as possible while opening the least amount of negative engraving nodes. Although the stone in the image is not very useful for my class, Berserker, I use it because of the positive engraving nodes.

What is the importance of engraving slots?

There are books in the game for each engraving that you can see in the Alt+I menu. When you read 20 uncommon engraving books of an engraving, that engraving now provides three extra nodes when placed in one of the two engraving slots on your character. When 20 more rare engraving books are read, the number of nodes increases to six. When 20 more epic engraving books are read, inserting them into the engraving slot provides nine nodes. If you read 20 more legendary engraving books, you can get an extra twelve node points for an engraving with a single engraving slot. Note that your character has two engraving slots and you can also get double the node corresponding to the number of books you are reading by filling both slots with the same engraving.

Also note that engravings are common between rosters. If you are playing multiple classes, you can choose common engravings and reduce your cost.

Along with the accessories, stone and engraving slots described above, I am currently receiving 3 level Mayhem, 1 level Drops of Ether and 1 level Spirit Absorption bonus in my Berserker. 3 level Mayhem is really important for my class and build. The other two stay like this for now, due to my luck with the ability stone cutter.

You should not waste your engraving books before deciding on the important engravings of the class or classes you are playing. You should decide on your important engravings first, whether by reading them yourself or by reading guides about your class. See you in Arkesia.

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