What does Nigma mean? Fans react to Kuroky's roster name

Kuroky and his former Team Liquid pals finally announced the name of their new Dota 2 roster and the revelation of Nigma prompted a mixture of confusion and ridicule from the community.

It was announced just after TI that Kuroky and Liquid would be parting ways, with the influential captain keen to reform his own org.

The five-man line-up of Kuroky, Miracle-, w33, MinD_ContRoL and GH went their own way, while Team Liquid snapped up the ex-Alliance roster as a replacement.

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Kuroky and co now have a new collective name - Nigma - announced on Monday and the reaction from the Dota 2 community was predictably cutting.


What is Nigma's meaning?

It didn't take long for the newly created Nigma Twitter account to feel the need to explain the meaning behind the name, which said "the name's origin comes from the Arabic language and means Star. We hope to deliver you guys enjoyable games and much more."

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What's Ninja got to do with it?

The initial reaction from many fans was a reference to Ninja and the fictional disease - Ligma - that "killed" the Fortnite streamer in 2018.

Reaction from elsewhere to Nigma team name included...

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Picture: StarLadder / Flickr