WESG rules encourage Dota 2 players to leave their teams - Redeye

WESG has been branded a "mad-scientist" tournament by Paul Chaloner - AKA Redeye.

The World Electronic Sports Games (WESG 2018) is international esports tournament in the style of the Olympics, this year held in Chongqing, China.

It features teams of the same nationality playing various games, including Dota 2 and CSGO, with a total prize pool for Dota of close to $900,000.

But highly respected esports broadcaster Redeye believes the rules are to the detriment of Dota.

WESG Dota 2: Live Twitch streams

Speaking about WESG on The Luckbox Podcast, Redeye said: "OK, you want to be different, I get it right. So do your nations thing. No what you've done instead is you've gone for some sort of mad-scientist hybrid version, which is you can play as a team but only if you've got five players from the same nation.

"So basically screw you to every team in Dota outside of China, because they don't play with five nationalities from one country.


"Very few. The Final Tribal are in here with five Swedes. OK, great, well done.

"EHOME... well Chinese team. Aster... Chinese team. Keen Gaming... Chinese team. Team Team... Okay well sort of but they haven't because they're five US players now so they've got none of the Canadians and that's OK, fine.

"And then outside of that you've then got all the teams that've got to hybrid themselves into a brand new team which means you've then got to have players that you don't want to have playing with other players forming teams.

"No, no, no, no, no. You don't want to be forming other teams - the teams that own their contracts hate that shit."

Big names missing

Redeye said WESG's rules mean the tournament was missing out on attracting some of the biggest teams in Dota, despite the generous prize pool.

Redeye said: "If it's a national team, OK, no problem. But these aren't these are having to literally form hybrid teams. Virtus.pro can't play as Virtus.pro. Why? Because they've got one Ukrainian so you don't get Virtus.pro the brand, which you want at the event.

What the hell are you doing?

"You get instead Team Russia and Team Ukraine Yellow. Because their players have had to split even though only one player is not Russian.

"They've had to split and go off and make new teams. That's insane. You're encouraging players to leave their teams.

"Why? And why aren't you tapping into the fact that you could have had Na'Vi there, you could have had Virtus.pro there, you could have had a Team Secret
there you could have had Team Liquid there."

"All of these teams would go for a $900,000 tournament in a great city in China which is broadcasted around the world by Alisports.

"What the hell are you doing? End rant."

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