Welcome to Dota: A world of contrasting realities

Boom Esports’ opening series in the DPC SEA 2022 Division I Tour 2 met with an unfortunate end before it even began, thanks to the typhoon brewing in the Philippines where the team is currently located.

Heavy rains lashed out electricity in many parts of the nation and access to a working internet, at that given moment, seemed implausible. Despite the chaos and trying to make different arrangements – finding a working internet cafe, arranging a taxi or lack thereof, and scuttling to compress everything within the ‘stipulated’ time given by the officials – Boom wasn’t able to make it.

An act of God definitely warrants strict and stringent abiding by rules, right? There’s no place for leniency to strive in such dire situations. Bravo!

The ignorant behaviour with blatant disregard towards such a situation reflects very poorly on the tournament organiser, and in the end Boom Esports had to forfeit the series against their best wishes.

This is SEA region. Now let's look for another part of the world.

COVID postpones series in DPC WEU

Nigma Galaxy members tested positive for COVID-19 and as such weren’t in proper shape to compete in their series against Gaimin Gladiators.

The organisers behind the DPC Western Europe were empathetic enough to postpone the series to a later date, a decision that was applauded by the Dota 2 community. It didn’t rob them of a series and entertainment, and it definitely didn’t give a ‘free pass’ to any of the involved teams.

Flexible rules and regulations without any unfair treatment towards both parties involved was certainly the right way to go about. Both teams will now compete in a fair environment and strive to give their best.

BUG postpones series in DPC WEU

A literal in-game bug found by Taiga of OG Esports, caused their series against Team Liquid being postponed, with full support of the organiser.

Image Source: Valve

OG Esports could have easily abused the bug and secured an easy victory over last year’s DPC WEU 2022 Division I Tour 1 Champions. But out of true sportsmanship, they made their opponents aware of the bug and reached a gentleman’s agreement to play out the series fair and square at a later date.

The tournament organiser in conjunction with both teams involved reached an amicable solution without hampering the prospects of ruining the series – a solution lauded by the community once again.


The article is aimed towards reflecting two contrasting behaviours of different tournament organisers towards their allocated regions.

While one simply decided to go with the flow and deprive the community of an exciting series, the other decided to listen and find an agreeable solution, and not deprive the community of Dota entertainment.

Unfortunately, one TO has still kept mum and not responded to any questions raised on different forums, while the other is actively engaged in proper communication with the involved teams.

Welcome to Dota. Nothing is the same as you see.

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Disclaimer: This is an opinion piece on the hypocrisy and nature of different tournament organisers in regards to the Dota Pro Circuit decision making.