Week 6 – DPC EEU Tour 1: Division I predictions and betting odds

Final week of DPC EEU Tour 1: Division I has begun. The first matches will be played on January 20th and the winners and losers will be determined very soon.

Last week’s results

Team Spirit and PuckChamp gave HellRaisers hell, and secured their place in the top two.

NAVI bested Virtus.pro with a 2-0 victory. They also won against ASMGMB (AS Monaco Gambit) but that was no surprise anyway.

Team Empire lost against Mind Games (previously known as Team Unique) and are likely to finish the tour with zero wins. They will likely be relegated to Division II for the next tour.

Current Standings

Standings Teams W/L
1. Team Spirit 6-0
2. PuckChamp 6-1
3. HellRaisers 4-2
3. Virtus.pro 4-2
5. Natus Vincere 3-4
6. AS Monaco Gambit 1-5
6. Mind Games 1-5
8. Team Empire 0-6


Week 6 predictions, betting odds and schedule

Click on the schedule for an even detailed breakdown of our odd stats

HellRaisers have a steady advantage on all rounds and maps against Team Empire. Considering HellRaisers superb performance over Team Empire’s zero win count throughout the tour 1; it’s safe to say that we won’t be surprised.

Our highlight match of the week. If Virtus.pro manages to pull off a win against Team Spirit it will result in a tiebreaker between Team Spirit vs. PuckChamp vying for the top spot, and Virtus.pro vs. HellRaisers for 3rd place. It would be a thrilling How the tables turn situation and we’d love to take a glimpse into the potential chaos.

This is going to be the last chance for Mind Games to swap places with ASMGMB and rise up to the 6th spot to save themselves from getting relegated to Division II in the next tour. It’s going to be a close call for both teams. But remembering how ASMGMB lost to the underdog Team Empire at the beginning of Tour 1: Mind Games will be facing a poorly performing team that’s cornered and fighting for survival.

We will be following this week’s events with a close eye. In the event of a tiebreaker expect our new predictions to drop ASAP.

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