Watch carefully: 5 things to pay attention while watching VALORANT

Almost two years since its release, VALORANT has quickly earned a place in esports, thanks to its unique gameplay mentality, agents with special abilities and, of course, the quality of a Riot Games product.

Esports organizations started paying attention to this brand new FPS game, with some other professional FPS players making the switch to VALORANT, that we will talk about in detail in the future.

With this popularity and ongoing tournaments, people have also been thinking about where to focus their attention on the professional complications that have arisen with VALORANT, as it gives players very different areas to think about.

Here is our list of tips on how to pay attention to a VALORANT match.

1- Economy and Weapon Preferences

Credit: Riot Games

All competitive esports games have an economic system within the game. With this system, it is possible to buy the weapon that you think suits your character and the game in progress. VALORANT also has its own economic system and it is very important to pay attention to it.

Professional players usually put a lot of emphasis on having enough money for the next round to buy full weapons and get kills. While all VALORANT players start the game with the same amount of money, the money you will have in the next round depends on the kills you have scored and also on the possibility to place or disarm the spike.

After winning the first round, some players use all their money to buy main weapons, while the others can buy "half" ones (cheap but effective weapons such as Specter, Marshall or Bucky) or keep their side weapons as a bonus.

It is easy to understand what a pro will do on his next turn, just by checking his economy for the next turn. This is very important because the economy will make you buy main weapons, abilities and of course shields to protect yourself.

2- Agents

In VALORANT there are four types of agent classes: Duelists, Controllers, Initiators and Guardians. While each of these classes has its own special abilities that let you control the map or easily invade the site, it's also important to have a good combination of agents.

It is impossible for professional teams to achieve a decisive victory without having suitable agents in their team. Every team needs an agent with smoke to close the spots where the enemies can watch you, an agent with flash to facilitate initiation into the site, an agent to watch the position of the enemies, an agent to hold the site and heal the others.

3- Maps

Each map in VALORANT has its own ways of holding and rushing in. This also affects the agents that professionals choose. Here you can find the maps and agent selection rates of VALORANT Champions 2021 tournament:


While Viper's pick rate is 100% on Breeze and Icebox, it is 0% on Haven and Ascent. Viper is a hero who can close an entire side with his Toxic Screen. He's obviously very useful on the maps mentioned, but it's hard to say the same for other maps, since there are other agents that give you more advantages than Viper.

If you are watching an esports match on VALORANT, you should also pay attention to the maps and the picks of the pros.

4- Skills

Players pay special attention to using their skills in matches, as this is the most important difference between all agents. Pros should make sure that they use their skills at the right time.

via riot

For example: a pro used a lightning bolt to enter the site, but the enemy saga sent them too slowly, so the team was not able to storm the site. Lightning should only be used when there is an exact opportunity to enter the side. For this reason, you should also pay attention to the pro's abilities to find out his ideas for the plan he is following.

5- Time

We have talked about maps, agents and skills and it is also a good point to mention the importance of time.

All teams must play their game in 1 minute and 40 seconds. The attackers should place the spike in this time and the defenders should do their best not to let them in or disarm the spike.

That is how every professional VALORANT team has its own style to win. Some professionals’ preferences come with playing slow while the others can wait for a long time and go into the side when the right time has come. Another popular tactic is waiting till you get a kill from your enemy and rush into the side.

It also got a quite important point and you will get the watching taste more if you could check the time of the games and see how the teams could use every second of their time and do their best to win the rounds.

We have briefly explained how the new FPS game from Riot Games, VALORANT, should be watched and analyzed. All these things can not be considered as a single thing and should all be evaluated together.

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