VRL Finals are starting - schedule and betting odds

EMEA VALORANT Regional Leagues are over, and it’s time for the final step: VRL Finals. Seven teams from the regional leagues of Europe and the Middle East will fight for a share of the €150,000 prize pool. Let’s take a look at the format and how the teams look before the competition starts.

Case Esports from VRL Spain, Team Vitality from VRL France, Excel Esports from VRL Northern, TENSTAR from VRL East, Team Falcons from VRL MENA, FUT Esports from VRL Turkey and Angry Titans from VRL DACH will participate in VRL Finals. The winner will be crowned the best team below EMEA Challengers.

VRL Finals Group A teams

Check out the Group A teams:

VRL Spain

After leading the regular season 13-5, Case Esports showed that they were the strongest team in VRL Spain: Rising and took down UCAM Esports Club 3-0 in the finals to make it to VRL Finals. After finishing second last split, this was the most successful season in their history and they will make it count in VRL Finals.

VRL France

VRL France: Revolution saw an unexpected end with Team Vitality’s championship as MAD Lions led the league 17-1 for most of the season. After taking down Karmine Corp 3-2, Vitality played a confident game in the grand final and defeated MAD Lions 3-0, with baddyG taking the MVP award. Since they entered VALORANT, Vitality was a mediocre European team, but now they are the best in France.

VRL Northern Europe

Excel Esports led the league 6-1 during the regular season, and won the playoffs without dropping a series. Team Finest managed to take a map away from them in the grand final but it wasn’t enough to stop their streak. Excel won VRL Northern Europe: Polaris for the second time in their history, but they failed to perform in EMEA Challengers Promotion last season. They will try to do better in VRL Finals.

VRL East

TENSTAR came from the Eastern league of VALORANT, after a close competition between the teams. Entropiq was stuck at the bottom with 1-13 but two teams were 9-5, three were 8-6, one was 7-7 and one was 6-8 in the regular season. TENSTAR improved their performance in the playoffs and defeated Diamant Esports 3-2 in the grand final to represent VRL East: Surge in VRL Finals.

VRL Finals Group B teams

Check out the Group B teams:


Considering past performances, they are the weakest region in VRL Finals and MENA is coming to change that. Climbing from the lower bracket, Team Falcons won the grand final 3-1 and made it to VRL Finals. Their EMEA Challengers Promotion run was disappointing with 0-3, and Falcons need to perform better this time.

VRL Turkey

They were one of the rising regions in 2021 but are quiet for some time now: VRL Turkey: Birlik sends FUT Esports, formerly Futbolist, to VRL Finals. Taking down the 7-0 regular season leader SuperMassive Blaze, FUT Esports entered the grand finals as the favourites and defeated Fire Flux 3-2 to secure their ticket. They should be one of the favourites in VRL Finals as well, considering Turkey’s past success in VALORANT and FPS games.


Finally, Germany, Austria and Switzerland send Angry Titans as the champions of VRL DACH: Evolution. Entering the playoffs as third place, Angry Titans managed to upset Dsyre twice to secure a ticket to VRL Finals, winning the grand final 3-0. They don’t have much history in VALORANT and finished VRL DACH Stage 1 fourth. Thus, we don’t know what to expect from Angry Titans: they might be the dark horse.

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VRL Finals schedule and betting odds

Check out the schedule below:

Group A
July 28, Thursday
Case Esports (3.50) vs Excel Esports (1.26) - 16:00 CEST
Team Vitality (1.12) vs TENSTAR (5.50) - 19:00 CEST
July 29, Friday
Elimination Match - 16:00 CEST
July 30, Saturday
Winners’ Match - 16:00 CEST
July 31, Sunday
Decider Match - 16:00 CEST

As shown on the betting odds for the first two games, Group A’s favourites are Excel Esports and Team Vitality. However, the competition in regional leagues are relatively lower and it wouldn’t be surprising if we saw TENSTAR or Case managing something unexpected. These teams are here instead of EMEA Challengers because they make mistakes.

Group B
July 29, Friday
Team Falcons (3.40) vs Angry Titans (1.28) - 19:00 CEST
July 30, Saturday
FUT Esports (1.03) vs Team Falcons (9.00) - 19:00 CEST
July 31, Sunday
FUT Esports (1.22) vs Angry Titans (3.80) - 19:00 CEST

Turkey’s FUT Esports are clearly the favourites, considering the performances of their rivals and the past success of both the team and the region. As MENA struggled to compete with other regions in their past chances, they will probably leave the VRL Finals arena without any win while FUT and AT advance to the next round.