announce new CS:GO roster confrimed their new CS:GO roster will be Jame, AdreN, Buster, SANJI, Qikert and dastan as a coach.

They all signed a long-term contracts with after a permanent transfer from AVANGAR. The new roster will make their debut at EPICENTER 2019 taking place in Moscow from December 17th to December 22nd.


In a statement, Roman Dvoryankin, General Manager, said: “It’s a big day for VP as we open a new chapter in our Counter-Strike history. It is also a great addition to our world-class Dota 2 team that will allow us to be more competitive and bring even more glory to our fans across the world. Right now we have one of the world’s youngest lineups both in Dota 2 and CS:GO and it’s a solid foundation for our further development.


Six years with a Polish lineup have been an unforgettable experience and I would like to thank our fans who have done an outstanding job supporting us throughout the years. VP would not be what it is now without the basis that was built by our players, so from the bottom of my heart I want to say a huge thanks to Taz, neo, pasha, byali, Snax, MICHU, Vegi, snatchie, phr, TOAO, morelz, OKOLICIOUZ, Loord, KubiK, Junior and kuben for all that they’ve done for us.”

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Dzhami “Jame” Ali, VP CS:GO team captain: “It’s an exciting moment for all of us. We’re thrilled to become a part of one of the biggest esports brands in the world and will do our best to bring VP back to the top ranks of CS.

"On behalf of our team I would like to thank AVANGAR management for their trust in us, we wouldn’t be here without their support.”

This seems to be a genuinely win-win move as Yongun Kim, AVANGAR CEO, said: “After the three years of hard work and investments we're happy to make such a big step for the players and our club. Watching their growth from zero to professionals is unbelievable experience we've achieved together.

"I want to thank everyone who had his eye on AVANGAR and cheered for the boys from the beginning.

"Right now we're in front of new challenges, because this decision gave us a breath of fresh air to develop new projects at EVA Esports. We'll be back in 2020 with news and fresh announcements about Esports market development in CIS and Central Asia.”

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