Virtus.pro boss on Fortnite, team arguments and being like The Beatles

Dota 2

Roman Dvoryankin says Virtus.pro's Dota 2 team are "a bit like The Beatles".

Virtus.pro are somewhat an exception in the game, having been able to maintain a stable playing roster, making just one change to the playing line-up in two years.

But general manager Dvoryankin attributes that to the hard work of everyone associated with the team.

Speaking on The Luckbox Podcast, he said: "It takes a lot of work, trust me. This group of people we have right now is completely different to the group we had two years ago.

"In 2016, RAMZES was barely 17, he was basically a kid. Now all those people are growing up. They are starting to have girlfriends, starting to get married.

"It's like the Beatles, with Ringo, George, Paul and John when they first travelled to the US.

"We don't have Yoko yet, hopefully. Things are going well but it's a hard job and the guys are working hard as well to separate this Dota thing, where they can have a lot of arguments and a personal life where they respect each other a lot.

"It's our job as VP to keep them together"

Dvoryankin was a special guest on Episode 7 of The Luckbox podcast and chatted to Sujoy Roy and Redeye about post-TI8 arguments, franchising and what esports can learn from Fortnite.

There was even a some exclusive news concerning Virtus.pro's logo.

James McMathMedia manager at Luckbox.