Latest CSGO update sees Vertigo drop into map pool

It’s been a busy few weeks for the CSGO devs, what with the Major, and changes that came both before and after the fun in Poland, and they are showing no signs of slowing. While the latest CSGO update isn’t as game-changing as the last patch, they have once again updated the greatest FPS, making changes to the map pool and adding to the overlay presented to viewers.

The main, and potentially most fun, change is the addition of Vertigo to the competitive map pool, although players shouldn’t expect to see it at the Berlin Major, as it’s a long way from being played at the professional level. It replaces Cobblestone, which has been relegated once more, although hopefully for the sort of rework that would see it re-enter the competitive pool proper at some point in the future, to replace whichever map you, the reader, hate the most.

The map has also been tweaked, with changes to the CT entrance to mid and some quality of life improvements around the stairs and sound on what is a very vertical playground. However you feel about the map, it does provide a degree of variety for players who are limited to mainly large, somewhat flat, areas to run, jump, and shoot people in the face on.

More information on screen

For the esports fan, there is also good news, with more information being added to the screen. Round loss bonuses will be displayed in Competitive and Wingman modes, making it easier to follow the action, and potentially also easier for any professional struggling with their maths in the new era of CS, where a loss doesn’t lose you money, and CTs get more chances.

The new, listening Valve is also back, with Matt T Wood asking for feedback on Twitter as to how players would improve the radio commands in the game, beyond increasing the amount of Russian swearing you can queue up. In the free-to-play era, little aspects like the ease of communication for people without an optimal setup could actually see an improvement in uptake, so if you have ideas that could help Valve do take the time to speak up.

All of this comes on the back of what is potentially a game-changing alteration to the economy, made completely unprompted in the wake of the last Major, and looks almost like a distraction from that. It is a big year for Valve, and in this instance at least they have got it right, adding variety to the competitive pool, and giving more room to play for those of you who have a head for heights. See you on the roof.

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