VCT 2023 update: partner teams are announced

Thirty teams that will be partners with Riot Games in VALORANT esports after 2023 are officially announced. Ten teams from three major regions will be the new faces of VALORANT esports. We will witness a brand new franchise system with VCT 2023 and find out if it’s going to work out for Riot and partner teams.

Considering how many elite teams are there in the world, 30 is definitely a small number. Still, teams will be able to field VALORANT rosters in different tournaments. Let’s remember what’s waiting for us in 2023 and take a look at the teams that will compete in the international leagues.

What is happening in 2023?

Image via Riot Games

We already have an article about what’s going to happen in VALORANT esports next year; you can check that one out below if you want to find detailed information about the brand-new system.

In short, VALORANT esports is divided into three major regions: EMEA, Americas and Pacific. Ten partner teams are picked for each region, and only the teams in these international leagues will be able to play in international tournaments.

Teams that couldn’t get partnerships will be able to win a ticket to those tournaments that will last for two years. After August-September, there will be an off-season, where all teams will be able to participate in third-party tournaments.


Ten teams will participate in VCT EMEA 2023:

Fnatic: They were one of the strongest teams in 2022, and they are one of the oldest esports organizations in Europe.

Team Liquid: Team Liquid was also a team that has been competing for the top since VALORANT’s release, with players like ScreaM. TL is also one of the oldest esports teams in the world.

Team Vitality: French excellence played in the VRL Finals 2022 representing France, and considering their success in many other esports titles, it is only natural that they are here.

Karmine Corp: You will hear their name more in the future: they have the biggest fan base in France and they will be the fan-favourite for sure.

Team Heretics: Just like Karmine Corp, Team Heretics has an enormous fan base in their home country, Spain. You will see them in League of Legends LEC next year also.

Giants: Another Spanish organization, they are also one of the oldest esports teams in Europe. Giants failed to make much noise in VALORANT until now, but they will surely be a competitive team in VCT EMEA.

Natus Vincere: They are finally in a Riot Games title. NAVI will represent Ukraine and they will definitely bring a huge fan base that is mostly focused on CS:GO.

FUT Esports: FUT is the second-most successful team in Turkey, a country which breathes in and out FPS. With Red Bull behind their back, FUT will be a strong competitor, they won VRL Finals 2022.

BBL Esports: They are the fan-favourite in Turkey, breaking all viewership records for both Turkey and Europe. If they can improve their performance from last year, BBL’s Turkish roster will definitely prosper in VCT EMEA.

KOI: Founded by IBAI and Gerard Piqué, KOI also has a significant fan base in Spain, and they will bring something fresh to the table for sure.

You will notice that G2 Esports isn’t one of the participants: it was reported by many media outlets that G2 applied for VCT Americas, but lost their place after the controversy around their CEO ocelote.

VCT Americas

From North America and South America, these ten teams will compete in VCT Americas:

Sentinels: Even though their performance was a disgrace in 2022, Sentinels still has one of the biggest fan bases in North America with players like TenZ and Shroud, it was certain that they would be included.

100 Thieves: The investments and the decisions to make 100 Thieves into a lifestyle brand paid off, they are one of the most loved esports organizations in North America, and a part of VCT 2023 now.

Cloud9: One of the greatest names in North American esports, it isn’t a surprise that Cloud9 also has a place in VALORANT esports.

NRG: Owned by co-owners of the NBA’s Sacramento Kings, NRG Esports is a strong brand that could invest a lot in a VALORANT team, taking the competition one step further.

Evil Geniuses: After G2 lost their place in the Americas, EG was picked instead of them, and it was a great choice. EG has an incredible branding, the evilest esports organization in the world should bring something amazing to the VALORANT esports scene.

FURIA Esports: It’s a no-brainer, as one of the biggest Brazilian organizations, FURIA Esports has a place in VCT Americas.

LOUD: They are new, but they are successful in both LoL and VALORANT. While their LoL team qualified for Worlds 2022, their VALORANT team won Champions 2022 and became a world champion, bringing the first international trophy to Brazil.

MIBR: The third pick from the country is Made In Brazil, they are also an amazing brand that managed to surpass NIP to make it to VCT Americas.

KRÜ Esports: The first pick from Latin America should be very simple for Riot Games. Agüero’s KRÜ Esports brought something different to VALORANT esports and they have every right to be a part of this competition.

Leviatán: They have been a fan-favourite globally, and they are the second pick from LATAM.

Besides G2 Esports, TSM, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Champions 2022 finalists OpTic Gaming and many more missed out on VCT Americas 2023. Thus, Riot Games’ choice of teams is definitely questionable for some.

VCT Pacific

Finally, these teams are coming from South Korea, Japan, Thailand and more: VCT Pacific 2023.

ZETA DIVISION: A global fan-favourite, ZETA DIVISION is here to represent Japan and steal our hearts.

DetonatioN Gaming: We couldn’t see them internationally before, but DetonatioN Gaming is a big name in Japan, you will remember their LoL team that made it to Worlds 2021 group stage.

Gen.G: One of the biggest esports organizations in South Korea and the world, Gen.G decided to leave pursuing a place in the Americas and come back to their homeground.

T1: T1 took the same decision as Gen.G, and we will be able to see the Gangnam rivalry in VALORANT after League of Legends. Can they dominate VALORANT too?

DRX Vision Strikers: They have been the most successful Korean team no doubt, can DRX VS take it one step further and dominate VCT Pacific 2023 as well?

Team Secret: Secret is a well-known organization from Europe, but they will be representing the Philippines in VALORANT.

Paper Rex: Representing Singapore, they are the two-times APAC champions and Masters Copenhagen finalists. Paper Rex will keep on being a fan-favourite in 2023.

Rex Regum Qeon: We haven’t seen them in international tournaments, but RRQ is an old Indonesian organization founded in 2013. Their roster was based in the Philippines, they might decide to bring together an Indonesian team for the next year.

Talon Esports: You know their name if you are an esports fan, whether it’s PSG Talon or Talon Esports. They will represent Thailand, but it isn’t sure where their roster will be based.

Global Esports: Finally, Global Esports is the final team to join VCT Pacific 2023, and they are an Indian organization! We haven’t seen much of them in the previous tournaments, but I hope to see India succeed in 2023 and onwards.

These are the teams participating in VCT 2023. You can visit Luckbox whenever you want to find out more about VALORANT esports, we will update you on any breaking news regarding the 2023 ecosystem. Make sure to sign up now to grab your 100% bonus that you can use on any of your bets.