VCT 2022 Stage 2 Brazil Challengers week 4 schedule and betting odds

The third week at Brazil’s Stage 2 Challengers is over and we will witness a thrilling fight for the playoffs spots during the last two weeks. FURIA Esports managed to catch up with LOUD during their ‘bye’ week, while Ninjas in Pyjamas and MIBR kept their advantage in the other group.

Currently, things are in an interesting balance in both groups as none of the teams could claim the third place easily. Aside from LOUD, FURIA, NIP and MIBR which have significant advantages, the fate of the teams will be decided in the last two weeks, so make sure to tune in. Let’s have a look at the last week’s games and what’s going to happen next.

Week 3 recap

Two teams without any wins clashed at the start of the third week: Stars Horizon and Gamelanders Blue. On Ascent, SH found a strong 8-4 start but almost lost control to GLB, until Maverick’s Omen took matters into his hands and brought the win. Another close game was played on Fracture, where it went to overtime. 15-13 was enough for Stars Horizon to take the victory home with artzin’s Raze performance being unforgettable for them.

FURIA Esports faced Los Grandes and played to further strengthen their place as the second-place team in Group A. With a very confident and controlled Breeze performance, FURIA found the advantage, and followed up with a 13-9 victory on Split to finish the job. Playing Sova and Sage, ableJ was the MVP with his 38-25 overall performance.

The second day saw Ninjas in Pyjamas struggling against a confident TBK Esports. On Split, NIP easily outpowered their opponent with great performances from bezn1 and v1xen. However, TBK Esports showed up and took it to overtime on Ascent and managed to take down NIP 14-12. TBK once again was able to show resistance on Haven, even making it 10-9. NIP’s four rounds win streak ended the series 2-1, but TBK will remember the day with pride.

Keyd Stars and Liberty played the closing match of week three. On Haven, Liberty found an impressive advantage in the first half, but almost blew that 9-3 advantage when KS won 7 rounds in the second half. After a 13-10 victory, Liberty couldn’t keep their good performance going for Bind where Keyd Stars found an 13-5 win to take it to the decider. On Split, Keyd Stars found another solid victory with 13-6, taking an important victory that could decide their future.

VCT Brazil week four schedule and betting odds

Check out the schedule below:

June 4, Saturday
Liberty (1.95) vs MIBR (1.78) - 22:00 CEST

June 5, Sunday
Keyd Stars (1.50) vs TBK Esports (2.40) 00:30 CEST
FURIA Esports (1.20) vs Gamelanders Blue (4.00) - 22:00 CEST

June 6, Monday
Stars Horizon vs LOUD - 00:30 CEST

After a 3-0 lead, NIP will miss this week while LOUD and MIBR are back in action and they are surely looking forward to their games. An important match from this week is definitely Keyd Stars vs TBK Esports, a game that would decide the fate of Group B.

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