VCT 2022 Stage 2: Brazil Challengers first week schedule and betting odds

Stage 2 of VCT 2022 esports schedule is starting, including one of the best FPS regions; Brazil Challengers. After LOUD’s crazy success in Masters, Brazil finally emerged as one of the top competitors and the remaining teams must feel even more passionate to become the next big thing.

Brazil Challengers is starting this weekend, featuring the ten teams we know from the region: LOUD, FURIA, Gamelanders Blue, Los Granders and Stars Horizon in the first group, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Keyd Stars, TBK Esports, MIBR and Liberty in the second. Let’s have a look at what we might expect from the first week and the second Brazil Challengers of the year in general.

Latest news from the teams in Brazil

The teams will be participating in a single round robin group stage first with each game being a BO3. Following that, a double elimination playoffs will be played to determine the champion. This is overall the format of Brazil Challengers, let’s have a look at what changed for the teams.

Ninjas in Pyjamas decided to make some changes after a disappointing ending to their Masters run. The only Argentinian player in the roster, bnj left the team, together with RoY. v1xen completed the team as the fifth player, and JhoW joined in as the new coach.

After losing v1xen and JhoW, Keyd Stars brought in RgLM and RHZ. Gamelanders Blue signed Brinks, a relatively new player. Finally, MIBR signed frz to replace Txddy1. These are all the roster changes in the offseason.

The winner of Brazil Stage 2 Challengers will take home around $20,000 prize money besides securing a direct ticket to Masters 2. The second place will however go on to the LATAM vs BR playoffs to decide which region sends a secondary team.

Schedule and betting odds

Group stage will start on May 14, with four matches being played this week. Each team will play four games overall in the group stage, and top three of each group move on to the playoffs. Check out the schedule for the first weekend below:

May 14, Saturday
LOUD (1.08) vs FURIA Esports (7.00) - 22:00 CEST

May 15, Sunday
Los Grandes (1.45) vs Gamelanders Blue (2.60) - 00:30 CEST
MIBR (4.20) vs Keyd Stars (1.20) - 22:00 CEST

May 16, Monday
Ninjas in Pyjamas (1.08) vs Liberty (6.60) - 00:30 CEST

Both LOUD and NIP have a match this weekend, so you really should tune in for the first week of Brazil Stage 2 Challengers. If you are interested, you can watch the games live and place your bets on your favourite teams on Luckbox.