VCT 2022 Masters - Reykjavík Playoffs final weekend betting odds

After surprising results leading to an unexpected final four, it’s time for the end of Masters Reykjavík. LOUD and OpTic are fighting at the upper bracket for a ticket to the grand final, while ZETA DIVISION faces Paper Rex in the lower bracket, dividing the two brackets as the West and the East.

Paper Rex defeated G2 Esports and The Guard, two Western representatives. ZETA DIVISION took down Team Liquid and DRX, two clear championship candidates. OpTic went through The Guard and DRX to stay in the upper bracket. LOUD became the most successful Brazilian team in VALORANT by defeating both Team Liquid and G2 Esports. Result: it’s an amazing race for the championship in Iceland.

Schedule and betting odds

Check out the schedule for the last three days of Masters Reykjavík below:

April 22, Friday
Upper Bracket
LOUD (1.58) vs OpTic Gaming (2.25) - 19:00 CEST
Lower Bracket
ZETA DIVISION (2.00) vs Paper Rex (1.72) - 22:00 CEST

April 23, Saturday
Lower Bracket Final - 19:00 CEST

April 24, Sunday
Grand Final - 19:00 CEST

LOUD’s incredible run clashes with OpTic at the upper bracket final. NA has been a successful region in VALORANT since the start, and OpTic took advantage of The Guard having a rather young roster, helping them stay on top. LOUD however, bested two great European teams, making Brazilian dominance a thing in VALORANT, after a long wait. It will be an exciting match.

ZETA DIVISION and Paper Rex is just as much an exciting matchup as the first one. Japan is finally awake, just like Brazil, with ZETA DIVISION showing an incredible performance during the tournament. Their opponent is APAC’s Paper Rex coming from Singapore. After a disappointing performance in Berlin last year, Paper Rex is looking for retaliation.

While LOUD and OpTic will have a second chance, ZETA and Paper Rex do not have that opportunity, it’s do or die for them. Thus, they will put whatever they have on the table, while LOUD and OpTic might decide to start things slowly, to hide some juicy new tactics for the grand final.

Until now, the best K/D is owned by Sacy, LOUD’s Sova with 2.04. However, LOUD played significantly less games than their opponents. While Sacy accumulated this stat in 5 maps, MaKo from the eliminated DRX side has 1.91 in 13 maps, and Stax has 1.66 in the same amount of maps. Aspas has the best average combat score, 264 in 5 maps, and ScreaM has 260 in 11 maps.

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