VCT 2022: Korea Stage 1 Challengers week 2 schedule & betting odds

VALORANT Champions Tour 2022: Korea Challengers 1 - Group Stage Week 1 is complete. The stage is about to end in two weeks and only one team can make it to the Masters.

It is time to consider what awaits us in week two and what happened in the first week.

Results & standings

Here is the current situation in VCT 2022: Korea:

Standings Teams Scores
1. DRX 3-0
2. On Sla2ers 2-0
3. DAMWON Gaming 2-0
4. World Game Star 2-1
5. Desperado 0-2
6. Maru Gaming 0-2
7. HollyMolly 0-2
8. Team T5 0-3


So far, DRX is on top by winning all their matches in the first week. They did not lose a single round in the tournament and three more matches will be awaiting them in the second week.

It is followed by On Sla2ers in second place. They have won two out of seven matches. We will see if it will continue or not in the following weeks.

DAMWON Gaming is in 3rd place. Similar to DRX, they also did not lose any rounds. They have two wins on this stage so far.

Schedule & betting odds

Matches that will be held during the second week and their betting odds are listed below:

March 2:

Maru Gaming (1.72) vs HollyMolly (2.00) 08:00 CET

On Sla2ers (3.50) vs DAMWON Gaming (1.26) 10:00 CET

In the first competition of the first week in VCT 2022: Korea, Maru is the favorite by 1.72 betting odds. Both teams' odds are close since they did not catch any win from the first day of the tournament. They will be eager for a win but we can say that Maru is closer to achieving this than HollyMolly.

The second match of this week is a battle of stars. Between On Sla2ers and DAMWON Gaming, this match will shape the top standings of the group stage. Like we mentioned before, they have two wins but DAMWON Gaming did not lose a single round in the game. Also thanks to their roster and experience, they are hardly a favorite of this match.

Following matches will be like this:

March 3, 2022
T5 vs HM
March 4, 2022
March 5, 2022
T5 vs DWG
March 6, 2022
MG vs DP


VCT 2022: Korea will continue for four days. Not only the Korea region but all other available regions in VCT will be held in the following days.

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