VCT 2022 EMEA Last Chance Qualifier: Final update

Four matches are left in VCT 2022 EMEA Last Chance Qualifier where only one team will get to Champions 2022. After a long double-elimination bracket, M3 Champions, Team Liquid, G2 Esports and OG LDN UTD survived to participate in the final weekend. Let’s take a look at what happened and the remaining schedule.

TL and M3 Champions were considered the best teams in the LCQ due to their recent performances, and they delivered. They will clash in the upper bracket final, while G2 and OG LDN UTD don’t have the luxury of losing a game. Only the grand final will be played in best-of-five, meaning that things can get interesting very fast.

EMEA LCQ recap

OG LDN UTD started with a perfect performance against G2 Esports, defeating them 2-0 to move on to the semi-finals. Thanks to his 41-23-8 Chamber performance over two maps, feqew obtained the MVP award. Following that, M3 Champions showed up strongly against cNed’s Acend. nAts carried his team to the 2-1 victory with 64/37/13 KDA and 279 ACS.

Team Liquid didn’t need one man to show up and carry the team against Turkish BBL Esports: they easily outclassed and moved on with a 2-0 win. TL didn’t lose a single series against Turkish teams in the history, and they kept that streak going. Finally, Guild Esports faced Natus Vincere to end the first round. After two 13-11 maps, NAVI broke the tie on Icebox and sent Guild to the lower bracket.

Lower round 1 saw G2 Esports facing the first world champion of VALORANT, Acend. After a 13-8 victory on Fracture, Acend lost Haven 13-11 and Bind 13-5. With this result, Acend missed every single international tournament in 2022 after winning Champions 2021. BBL Esports failed to show up against Guild: even though they performed well on Fracture, it wasn’t enough as Guild moved on with a 2-0 win.

After taking down G2 Esports, OGLU had to go through M3 Champions. After a 13-8 loss, OGLU tied the series on Icebox, winning it 15-13, but M3C managed to take the series in the third map. Following that, TL didn’t let NAVI pull any upset, quickly finishing it 2-0. 13-9 on Breeze and 13-11 on Fracture was enough for Liquid. Jamppi’s Chamber was unstoppable and a deserved MVP award was handed to him.

Finally, the lower bracket round 2 was played. NAVI couldn’t win a map against G2 Esports either, getting kicked out of the EMEA LCQ after a 13-3 Haven win which sealed the deal for G2. More shocking result was Guild’s disappointing performance against OG LDN UTD. OGLU won the very long first game 19-17 on overtime, and moved on to win Haven 13-10. With this result, Guild found themselves out of Champions 2022.

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EMEA LCQ schedule

Check out the schedule below:

August 13, Saturday
M3 Champions (1.68) vs Team Liquid (2.05) - 14:00 CEST (Upper Bracket Final)
G2 Esports vs OG LDN UTD - 17:00 CEST (Lower Bracket Semi-final)
M3C/TL vs G2/OGLU - 20:00 CEST (Lower Bracket Final)

August 14, Sunday
Grand Final - 16:00 CEST (best-of-five)

M3 Champions and Team Liquid entered EMEA LCQ as the strongest teams, and here they are in the upper bracket final. It’s hard to determine a winner between these two, but it can be easily said that one of these teams will win the EMEA LCQ in the end.

#10 in Circuit Points and a disappointing Stage 2 Challengers, no one expected OG LDN UTD to be here. However, G2 Esports has a higher place in Circuit Points (#3) but their early elimination at Stage 2 Challengers raised questions as well. OG LDN UTD won the first series 2-0, and they will be the favourites because of that, but G2 should be able to win this one if they find their true strength.