VCT 2022 EMEA Challengers 1 Week 6 schedule

Week 6 of VCT 2022 EMEA is about to start and this is going to be the end for Group Stages. Some teams already guaranteed their next steps for the tournament while the others still need to have some wins to continue.

Group A still does not have any qualified teams for Playoffs. G2 Esports reached the next round and Fnatic-Guild Esports will fight with each other to take the first standing.

Week 5 analysis

In total, 10 matches have been played in Week 5 of VCT 2022 EMEA. Let’s take a quick look at the most challenging matches of the week.

FunPlus Phoenix vs Team Liquid

This match was especially important for advancing to the Playoffs. Till this match, Team Liquid was on the top of Group A. FunPlus Phoenix and Natus Vincere were the closest rivals to TL. Thanks to the top performance of Polish player baddyG, FPX became the winner of this difficult match by 2-0.

TL does not have any more matches to play in the tournament. So far, they are the second team but their position will be decided by the wins or losses from FPX, Na’Vi and LDN UTD.

G2 Esports vs Guild Esports

Till Week 5, Guild Esports was carrying its title of being unbeaten in Group B. They started the week with a clear win against SuperMassive Blaze. On the other hand, G2 won against BBL 2-0.

Two teams came together on March 13. Favorite of the match was Guild Esports, according to their performance and unbeaten situation. But G2 Esports was able to surprise everybody by winning against Guild and giving them their first loss of VCT 2022 EMEA. With that win, G2 Esports will advance to the Playoffs from third place.

LDN UTD vs FunPlus Phoenix

In Group B, FPX was the only unbeaten team, till their match against LDN UTD. When we check the standing of LDN UTD, they started the tournament by losing to TL. It was followed by a win against BIG and finally found the morale and motivation.

This surge in morale was enough to catch a win against unbeaten FPX. Hopes were done for LDN UTD but now they still have a chance to finish the tournament in Top 3.

Week 6

Especially for Group A, this last week will be a very challenging one. Even BIG with zero win can go for Playoffs by the results most likely. Let’s check the schedule:

March 16

Natus Vincere vs M3 Champions 16:00 CET

Guild Esports vs Fnatic 19:00 CET

March 17

BIG vs M3 Champions 16:00 CET

Natus Vincere vs FunPlus Phoenix 19:00 CET

March 18

M3 Champions vs LDN UTD 17:00 CET

So far, NAVI’s name is on the third standing and M3 Champions is on five with one win and one loss. When we compare the rosters, we see more experienced players on NAVI’s side and their scores or in-game performance are strong evidence for it. It would not be hard to have a win against the M3 Champions.

The only and the most critical match of the week is between Guild Esports and Fnatic. Winner of this match may also be the first team of the group. So far Fnatic did not lose a single match in the tournament and their performance is on fire. Guild Esports surprised everyone when they lost to G2 so Fnatic may emerge as the winner.

As we mentioned earlier, BIG did not have any win in the tournament. Luckily, their chances can change if they can have a win against the M3 Champions but it looks a bit hard to happen. M3 Champions is the favorite of this match.

NAVI’s second match this week is against FPX. Losing to the LDN UTD in the last match, FPX should be very eager to continue the tournament from the first standing. NAVI also performs well but FPX is a bit closer to winning.

Last match of the Group Stage is between M3 Champions and LDN UTD. This last match will be the third match of the week for M3 Champions and it is right to say LDN UTD can have a win against their tired rival.

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