VCT 2022 EMEA Challengers 1 week 4 schedule & predictions

VCT 2022 EMEA Challengers 1 week 4 is around the corner, keeping in mind that week 3 matches have been postponed because of the escalating crisis in Ukraine. Let’s take a look at the upcoming matches and predictions for EMEA Challengers 1 week 4 matches.

Since week 3 matches have been postponed; It is imperative to keep in mind the highlights of week 2 before making your predictions in week 4

Highlights from week 2

Group A:FPX reigns supreme, Team Liquid's unleashes Neon

As previously stated, FPX battled their way to the pinnacle of Group A against some of VALORANT's greatest opponents - but the path to the crown was far from simple. Gambit, one of the most distinguished squads in the CIS, stood in their way. After a back-and-forth series in which FPX struggled on Bind, the squad ultimately won on Icebox.

Team Liquid had spectators on the edge of their seats on Haven. Liquid left NAVI in the dust by selecting the new VALORANT agent, Neon, and won the series with a score of 2 to 1.

Group B: Acend's first loss

All eyes were on the Group B encounter between Guild Esports and Acend, the defending Champions who had maintained their dominance since then. While the squad reminded Guild who they are on Split, Acend was swept in a series of dominating wins on Breeze and Fracture.

Fnatic also got off to a fast start this week, annihilating Turkish representatives BBL Esports on Icebox. While Ali Osman 'AsLanM4shadoW' Balta's amazing individual performances kept the game alive, BBL couldn't survive the storm.

G2 Esports followed in the footsteps of their competitors, deploying the Cypher throughout Split and Haven, leaving Turkey's SuperMassive Blaze at the bottom of the rankings.


Group A

Team Result
FunPlus Phoenix 2-0
Gambit 1-1
Natus Vincere 1-1
Team Liquid 1-1
BIG 0-2


Group B

Team Result
Guild Esports 2-0
Fnatic 2-0
Acend 1-1
G2 1-1
BBL Esports 0-2
SuperMassive Blaze 0-2


Week 4 match schedule and betting odds

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