VCS Winter 2021 regular season finished

We are going to the playoffs at VCS Winter 2021 with only four teams that are left: CERBERUS Esports, GAM Esports, Luxury Gaming and Burst The Sky Esports. Three of these teams secured their playoff spot last week prior, but the fight for the last spot continued until the very end. Stopping CERBERUS’ winning streak, Burst The Sky made it to the playoffs with style.

After missing the international League of Legends events for the last two years, and not being able to hold a tournament during the summer season, VCS Winter started on November 16 to give the teams a professional arena. Last week not only marked the end of the regular season, but also the end of CERBERUS Esports’ winning streak of thirteen series. With playoffs starting this week, take a look at the current dynamics of VCS.

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Burst The Sky’s incredible success

Starting the season 0-3 in the first week, Burst The Sky found themselves in a very difficult situation. After making it 3-3, Burst The Sky once again lost three series in one week and with 3-6, they couldn’t find a way to the playoffs. That changed after week four. While Saigon Buffalo lost against every single one of their rivals for playoff spots, SKY defeated Luxury and CERBERUS, the teams on top of the standings.

They weren’t one of the favourites, but their persistence showed how important believing in yourself means. In the end, they defeated the unstoppable CERBERUS 2-0, even though they didn’t even need to. While on the other hand, Saigon Buffalo lost a game against GAM that they would have to win to stay in the playoffs. It’s all about psychology, people!

General comments about the regular season

With Burst The Sky getting to the playoffs, CERBERUS losing one series in the end, Saigon Buffalo missing playoffs and Team Flash finishing the table on the bottom with only one win that came during the last week against SBTC, a team one place above them, VCS Winter satisfied our needs for competitive League of Legends during the offseason.

Team Flash with their superstar Palette has definitely been the disappointment of the year. I personally expected so much more from them. Hopefully, they will get better next season. Burst The Sky’s increase in performance was inspiring and something that any professional team should take as an example. Believe in yourself!

CERBERUS were the best team of the season undoubtedly and losing against SKY in the last series didn’t change that in my opinion. Together with GAM and Luxury, no matter what the playoffs’ outcome will be, they are one of the three teams that will be the favourites at VCS Spring 2022. Of course, if there won’t be any problem that would stop VCS from being held once again.

VCS Winter 2021 Playoffs schedule and analysis

At playoffs, CERBERUS will face the third place Luxury and GAM Esports will play against Burst The Sky with high form. If they thought of the recent form of SKY, I might say CES have done the right thing. Still, Luxury is a good team, and they took the risk of being eliminated in the first round also.

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CERBERUS vs Luxury - December 22, 11.00 CET
GAM Esports vs Burst The Sky - December 23, 11.00 CET

Third-place match - December 25, 11.00 CET
Grand final - December 26, 11.00 CET