VCS Winter 2021: Mid Season Overview

We are right in the middle of VCS Winter 2021 Season. After missing Summer and all the international League of Legends events for the last two years, VCS Winter has been a relief for Vietnamese esports fans and those who love the Vietnamese teams. Today, some of the teams like GAM Esports managed to increase their performance while CERBERUS kept on dominating the league from the start.

If you want to find out more about Vietnam’s two year long story where they pursued competitive League of Legends and finally started VCS Winter during the offseason, visit our article here. If you have a favourite and want to bet on them, you can find their matches and schedule at Luckbox's League of Legends matches page.

Best and worst performers until now at VCS Winter 2021

CERBERUS Esports proved to be one of the best teams in the league with their performance as of now. Winning all 7 of their games, CERBERUS claimed the first place of the league and they don’t look like they will give that up anytime soon. They won three of those 7 games without losing a game in the BO3. CERBERUS doesn’t have players that we are familiar with in their roster, but they are the only team with a foreigner. However, Poss, Korean top laner of the team, only played three games for the team out of the 18 games in total.

CERBERUS is closely followed by Luxury Esports (6-1) and GAM Esports (5-2). Luxury’s only loss was against CERBERUS, and GAM’s two losses were against CERBERUS and Luxury at the start of the league, week one. However, GAM proved that although LX and CES are clearly better than them, they have a difference with the rest of the league. On 10.00 CET this Thursday, GAM Esports will once again take on Luxury, and we will find out if that changed during the two weeks we haven’t seen them clash.

While SBTC Esports, Burst The Sky Esports and Saigon Buffalo secured their places on the middle of the table with 3-4, Team Secret and Team Flash are way behind them with 1-6 and 0-7, disappointing their fans.

Team Flash’s performance was especially disappointing as they have the Vietnamese superstar support Palette and Vietnam legend Stark as their coach. They couldn’t adapt to the league and they could take only two series to a full best of three, accumulating a total score of 2-14 in 7 games.

Team Secret was only able to defeat Team Flash, and they are on the verge of losing their playoff chances. If you have followed competitive League of Legends for some time, you should remember Archie, current coach of Team Secret. With his leadership, they will try to turn their fate around in the second half of the league.

Standings and schedule at VCS Winter 2021



7-0 (14-4)


Luxury Esports

6-1 (12-4)


GAM Esports

5-2 (11-6)


SBTC Esports

3-4 (8-8)


Burst The Sky Esports

3-4 (8-9)


Saigon Buffalo

3-4 (8-10)


Team Secret

1-6 (5-13)


Team Flash

0-7 (2-14)

After the regular season which will end on December 17, the playoffs will start at VCS Winter 2021. Top four of the standings will move on to the playoffs. The dates for the playoffs aren’t disclosed today, but the final day will be December 31. Winner of the grand final will take home $17,764 of prize money.

If you want to watch VCS Winter, you will find a game at 10.00 and 13.00 CET every day except Mondays. You can find the schedule and bet on your favourite teams at Luckbox. As all of the League of Legends professional leagues are on hold for the offseason, VCS Winter is your first choice today.