Valve teases new Dota 2 hero Snapfire at The International 2019

Valve revealed a new hero for Dota 2 named Snapfire, to be released in Autumn 2019. A short video introduction drew cheers from the Shanghai audience at The International 9 event after the first game of Team Liquid vs Evil Geniuses.


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The snappily named hero is fondly called Aunty by other characters in the game and rides a lizard mount while handing cookies out to her teammates. Snapfire appears to have canon-style weapons both handheld and mounted. The lizard leaps and spits molten fire in the clip.

While there was a steady stream of new heroes earlier in Dota 2’s life that were transferred from the original game, the release schedule has been much slower in recent years. The last hero to be added to the game was back in March 2019, with Mars being released to much fanfare.

Snapfire drew a huge cheer from the TI9 crowd, and appreciative comments from the Twitch audience. Fans of Dota 2 will be eager to try the new hero when it is released later this year.