Valve releases Dota 2 balance update 7.22h

Today Valve released a gameplay update entitled 7.22h, with some balance changes focusing on tweaking down several popular heroes, armor-related items, and one change on XP. This is a quick overview of all things affected by this update.

General Changes

This change is aiming to slightly slow down the game's pace by making it a bit harder to level up and reach level-based power spikes.

  • Basic Neutrals now give 5% less XP


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Item Changes

These nerfs focus on items that grant armor, with particular note that Ring of Protection, a useful early armor item, won't be simply purchasable from the side shop during laning stage.

  • Medallion of Courage and Phase Boots armor reduced by 1
  • Solar Crest armor reduced by 2
  • Ring of Protection no longer available at the Side Shop

Hero Changes

These changes mainly targets frequently picked pub heroes like Kunkka and Night Stalker, but most importantly tones down top-tier picks in competitive like Mirana and Tiny.


  • Ghostship cooldown increased by 10s
  • X Marks the Spot cooldown increased by 8/6/4/2s


  • Leap attack speed bonus reduced by 35/30/25/20
  • Sacred Arrow projectile speed reduced by 50

Night Stalker

  • Hunter in the Night attack speed bonus reduced by 10
  • Crippling Fear duration reduced by 1s
  • Lv20 Damage talent reduced by 10
  • Lv25 Hunter in the Night attack speed talent reduced by 30


  • Avalanche damage decreased by 15/10/5/0
  • Toss cooldown increased by 6/4/2/0s


  • Lv10 Mana Regen talent reduced by 1