VALORANT Superdome playoffs schedule

It is playoffs time in Cairo, Egypt, where Superdome takes place. Filling VALORANT’s offseason, Superdome brought together two great European teams with six MENA teams. Only four teams are left now for the playoffs, and only one will be able to emerge victorious in Egypt.

The teams that survived the group stage in Superdome are Team RA’AD, Geekay Esports, Fnatic and Acend. Thanks to their superior performance, Acend and Fnatic will start from advantageous positions in the playoffs ladder while RA’AD and Geekay needs to face each other first. Let’s take a look at what happened in Superdome.

Acend and Fnatic leads Superdome

Acend is the most successful team after the group stage, winning six of their seven games. They tried to maintain a perfect record against MENA teams, but struggled against most, winning some games 13-11 and 14-12. In the end, RA’AD even managed to defeat them, securing a very valuable win.

However, Acend defeated Fnatic in the last game of the group stage to stay on top and advance to the playoffs as the first place. Fnatic’s record was similar to that of Acend’s, but instead of RA’AD, Geekay defeated them, and that victory helped Geekay get the fourth spot in the playoffs.

Overall, it was a nice one for MENA teams, even though only two of them made it to the playoffs due to the format. Before the tournament, the gap between Europe and MENA seemed to be huge, but probably taking advantage of the fact that European teams aren’t fully focused, MENA teams managed to get some very important results for themselves.

I am sure that even though they couldn’t defeat Fnatic or Acend, Piercer, Falcons, YaLLa and NASR are proud of their performances at Superdome and are looking forward to face more European teams in the future tournaments.

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Playoffs schedule

Check out the schedule below:

October 20, Thursday
Geekay Esports vs Team RA’AD - 12:00 CEST

October 22, Saturday
Fnatic vs Geekay/RA’AD - 18:00 CEST

October 22, Saturday
Acend vs TBD - 21:00 CEST

While it is hard to determine a winner between Geekay and RA’AD, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that whoever wins will have a problem facing Fnatic in a best-of-three. In the end, the expectation is a Fnatic vs Acend final, but even getting a map from Fnatic should be a great accomplishment for these teams.

If the expected grand final happens, it is once again hard to decide who will arrive better. Acend managed to defeat Fnatic earlier, but Fnatic’s performance was better this year overall, even though their roster changed. The team that is more motivated to take the $12,000 first place award will probably win that day.