VALORANT Superdome is starting in Cairo

If you are bored of the VALORANT’s offseason before 2023, Superdome is here to save you! BME eSports joined forces with Riot Games to bring us the best teams from MENA. With Fnatic and Acend added with their full rosters, Superdome is definitely going to be an amazing tournament to watch.

Eight teams will compete in Superdome, including NASR Esports, Piercer Esports, Team RA’AD, Team Falcons, YaLLa Esports, Geekay Esports, Fnatic and Acend. Before heading to Cairo to watch this tournament, let’s take a look at what to expect from Superdome and the teams participating.

Superdome starts this Sunday

Superdome will be held in Cairo Stadium Indoor Halls Complex, an offline tournament will be great to watch during the offseason. The tournament will start with a group stage where all eight teams will participate in a single round-robin group with best-of-one matches. Top four teams will advance to the playoffs and participate in a ladder system. All matches will be best-of-three.

In the end, these eight teams will share the $30,000 prize pool, although the amounts are not clear right now. Group stage will take place between October 16-19, and the final best-of-threes will be played on the same day, October 22. Don’t forget to mark your calendars.

The Europeans, Fnatic and Acend, are definitely the favourites here. However, it will be great to see local talents participating in an offline tournament from MENA, and I am sure they will be able to get some wins against these strong teams.

NASR Esports and Piercer Esports include some Russian talents in their rosters, they might pop off against the European rosters. Team Falcons is a name you have heard a lot of times this year, and they will definitely work hard to get a win in Egypt. However, we will have to see the rest of the teams on stage.

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Superdome schedule

Check out the schedule for the first day below:

October 16, Sunday
YaLLa Esports vs Team Falcons
YaLLa Esports vs Geekay Esports
Team RA’AD vs Geekay Esports
Team RA’AD vs Piercer Esports
Fnatic vs NASR Esports
Acend vs Piercer Esports
Acend vs NASR Esports

On the first day, we will see European teams fight three times. Although the times for the matches aren’t disclosed, we hope to hear more from the organisers before the matches start. While European teams, Acend and Fnatic will be the favourites in their games, it is hard to predict what’s going to happen in the games between MENA teams.

After the first day, we will witness the group stage unfold for three more days with seven games each. Only four teams will be able to attend the playoffs.

MENA teams couldn’t attend many tournaments this year and were mostly excluded from the main competitions or eliminated by bigger regions. Team Falcons represented the region at VLR Finals but were quickly eliminated. So, it is possible that the dynamics between the teams change rapidly. It is hard to guess something about their strength.