VALORANT Championship Tour: Masters and Champions slots announced

VALORANT’s competitive season has started with the regional qualifiers, and the main event slot allocations for each region have been announced by Riot Games. Because it took a lot of time from Riot to announce things about this year’s competitions, it created some confusion. However, you shouldn’t throw away your knowledge from last year as we are here to update you on the most recent changes.

Differently from last year, we will see a competition between Brazil and LATAM for an extra Masters spot. While the regional qualifiers have more importance than last year, slots and total team count for each Masters hasn’t changed drastically, meaning that it will be just as hard as last year for every good team to make it to the biggest stage of all because performance at Masters affects Champions slots. Let’s get to the slot allocations now.

VALORANT Masters slot allocations

Masters tournaments will have 12 teams fighting for the championship in 2022. Those teams are:

  • 2 North American teams
  • 1 Brazilian team
  • 1 LATAM team
  • 3 EMEA teams
  • 1 Korean team
  • 2 SEA teams
  • 1 Japanese team
  • 1 slot shared by Brazil and LATAM

Before each Masters, Brazil and Latin America will fight for an extra spot. Additionally, South Asia and Oceania teams will join the SEA competition to make it to Masters, and aim to steal one of those juicy spots.

According to the schedule announced by Riot Games, there will be 2 Masters events this year. You can find the schedule at the bottom of this article.

VALORANT Champions slot allocations

It gets tricky here. There will be 16 teams qualifying for Champions. They are:

  • 2 teams from NA
  • 1 team from Brazil
  • 1 team from LATAM
  • 2 teams from EMEA
  • 1 team from Korea
  • 2 teams from SEA
  • 1 team from Japan

The rest will be decided by the Last Chance Qualifiers, just like last year. The LCQs will be held just before the Champions. Their slots will be:

  • 1 team from NA LCQ
  • 2 team from South America LCQ (LATAM&Brazil)
  • 1 team from EMEA, which includes MENA teams
  • 1 team from APAC LCQ (KR&JP)
  • 1 team from APAC South LCQ (SEA&SA&OCE)

How will they earn these spots? Similarly to last year, the teams will accumulate VCT points from the Masters events they join. Instead of giving the second Masters’ champion a direct slot, Riot decided to make it all about points this time. So, the teams will have to favor success all year round instead of making a big breakout at the last second. Similarly to last year, it is expected that LCQs will also favor VCT points.

Other updates about VCT

VCT teams will be able to field one Game Changers Alumni as a resident of their region, if the player has competed on the starting roster of a team in at least five matches of an official VALORANT Game Changers Series. With this news, if you don’t have a third resident player, just get a Game Changers Alumni, Riot says. It would be interesting to see if teams would choose this option and include Game Changers players.

Check out the official main events calendar of 2022 below:

Image via Riot Games

Last year, Acend won the highest accolade of all in VALORANT. This year, on a similar date to last year’s Champions, we will crown the new best team of the game. If you are also interested in VALORANT esports, visit Luckbox to watch the games and place your bets.