VALORANT Champions Tour 2022: Brazil Stage 1 Challengers Week 5 schedule and betting odds

Finally, VCT 2022: Brazil Challengers is coming to an end by the end of the fifth week. Top 3 teams will advance to the Playoffs and only one lucky team will be on the Masters stage. Second team’s situation will depend on the competition with the LATAM region’s standings.

While LOUD already announced that they are in the Semifinals, Team Vikings had to go to the Relegation stage. We need four more teams to see if they will be in the Playoffs or Relegation. This last week will answer everything. Here is the analysis of the previous week and schedule of VCT 2022: Brazil Week 5.

Week 4 Analysis

The fourth week of VCT 2022: Brazil surprised everybody. After take a look to the results, we will talk more about what happened:

March 5
KS 2-1 ING
March 6
LBR 0-2 GL B


The only unsurprising match was between Keyd Stars and INGAMING Esports. Keyd Stars caught a 2-1 score against INGAMING Esports and advanced to the second standing in Group B. Young player of Keyd Stars Leonardo "mwzera" Serrati was the MVP of the game.

Credit: Riot Games

To tell the truth, things are not going well for FURIA Esports. Not only in their region but also globally, since they are known as a strong and high quality team. But having a loss against Sharks Esports which was already eliminated from playoffs made everyone think again about FURIA’s situation. They still have one chance in the tournament but their position will be considered again, for sure.

The competition between Gamelanders Blue and Liberty was close enough. Even though Liberty was a bit close to winning, Gamelanders won two in-game rounds and took a fresh breath in the tournament. They are still the closest team to continue with the Relegation step.

There is no doubt that Team Vikings are considered as one of the best teams in the Brazil region. In Week 4, they lost against TBK Esports and lost their chances for Playoffs. Nobody even expected that Team Vikings could miss a win and be eliminated from Playoffs. They started with a new roster for 2022 but it seems they need to make more changes.

Week 5 schedule

It is time to guess who will go to the Playoffs in VCT: 2022 Brazil:

March 12:

Liberty (1.68) vs TBK Esports (2.05): 21:00 UTC

Team Vikings (8.50) vs LOUD (1.04): 23:30 UTC

March 13:

Keyd Stars vs FURIA: 21:00 UTC

Ninjas with Pyjamas vs INGAMING Esports 23:30 UTC

On March 12, Group A will decide who will continue and who will stay in Relegation. Liberty is going as favorite against TBK Esports with 1.68 betting odds. With a win, they can even put themselves in second place by average. TBK Esports will do its best to protect its position since they are the second in groups.

Other than that, the LOUD and Team Vikings match will not change anything since LOUD is already in the Upper Bracket Round 2 and Team Vikings lost its chance for Playoffs. A clear win from LOUD is expected.

Credit: LOUD

Group B still does have any Upper Bracket winner and it will all be decided within the last week.

So far, Ninjas in Pyjamas stand as the first team of the group by average. They are going to play against INGAMING Esports on March 13. They lost to the Keyd Stars last week and their chance against NiP is not that high. NiP will be running for a win and qualify for the Playoffs.

On the other hand, Keyd Stars and FURIA will hold a match. FURIA already surprised us by losing to Team Shark and it is hard to say they are favorites against well-performing Keyd Stars. It is not going to be an easy match but we may see the name of Keyd Stars in thePlayoffs.

We are going to talk about more VCT matches once all teams for Playoffs have been decided. Till then, you can bet for all available matches and regions with Luckbox, easily and safely.